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Teacher (Ret)
I loan because:
"Mohala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua." In memory of my Mother and Father, Willempje of Rotterdam and Ioannis of Athens (and Queens, NYC) who made these loans possible.
About me:
Vote! Vote with your wallet, too, supporting businesses and farms who also deal in compassion, kindness, and tolerancel. We support Novica, Penzeys, and other caring businesses. ******** My background is in math and computer science, but later, I found a vocation to teach children with special needs. Life leads you on many paths. 道 We can always do a little good in this world, no matter how small our attempt. ******* My photo? To advocate replacing useless lawns with sustainable agriculture--my homegrown fruits and veggies. Even shady areas can produce some edibles or feed Nature. Fruition: The positive outcomes we nurture on Kiva. Mahalo to my Kiva ohana (family). You are all wonderful and give us hope for the future! :-)
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Mar 23, 2014
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