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Haysville, Connecticut, United States
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After Avery's rape session was over, they were tickled, flogged and electrocuted for the rest of the day while simultaneously the phallic machine was pounding Avery's now ravaged pussy. Avery lost track of how many orgasms she had after having over 150 that night and it was the most orgasms anyone in the world has ever had in such a short amount of time and that scared little Punk-Gothic teen had just broken that all-time record While being tickled nearly to death nevertheless. After the match concluded Avery was utterly defeated not even being able to get one punch kick or anything in any of this was a match on a video game the wrestler didn't have one damage while Avery was completely KO'd. While Avery was recuperating from their devastating match, Mr. Stevenson announced that there was going to be a battle royale a free-for-all and Avery knew that everyone was going to be focused on them and there's nothing that they can do about it. As soon as the match started the wrestler Mr. Stevenson and Sammy all began tickling Avery all over the place with Mr. Stevenson and the wrestler having turns fucking Avery's ravaged and torn pussy. In the middle of all of this, as Avery was being tickle-fucked, they were also being simultaneously electrocuted as several violet wands were being used all over their body during the match and Avery was completely unable to move as they were completely pinned down by the trio of stronger wrestlers including the 6 foot seven bodybuilder wrestler. This was now Avery's life. They were condemned to always be the X principles toy and whoever he decided to let into torture the young teen. That should be a lesson to the teen as this was now Avery's life. They were condemned to always be the ex-principal's toy and whoever he decided to let into torture the young teen. every night and every go to sleep it's a different torture and a different nightmare ranging from like electricity to being fuck nonstop or tickle to insanity all the while being hooked up to IVs as they slept and fully restrained so they did not move during their sleep as the sensations Avery was feeling we found them into their nightmarish dreams Which surprisingly turned on ever even more. After being kept in captivity for more than a year Avery was finally released and they were a shell of the former selves forgetting almost everything about their past life and all Avery knew now was a never-ending ticklish nightmare.
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Dec 11, 2019
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