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I am an ecologist for nine years. My excellent day starts with a cup of coffee and a paper. As we go through our "Life Ok" daily routine, we stumble upon some interesting truths about our world like the world's population reached as high as 75 billion in the in 2015. The increase in population was mainly focused in currently largely inhabited locations like cities. It is quite natural for a city homeowner like me to think of the general wellness of individuals in the cities. We understand the value of having tidy air to breathe. I can provide you an unlimited list of possible air-borne illness indoors in caught air. All of us breathe the same breath as our fellow habitants like birds and our precious animals. I wonder whether my nosy dog feels the exact same air change whenever we walk exterior. How would I know if we all wanted to become self-dependent in basic requirements like breathing tidy fresh air inside your home? Don't we all share the exact same planet earth freely and breathe the same air? How come our requirements are various than theirs? God forbid, however if a human can feel trapped inside closed walls like a jail, we are not unsusceptible to air-borne illness. Thankfully, I know an easy option and discovered the needed assistance through HEPA air purifier setup from
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Jul 23, 2021
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