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Ladera Ranch, CA, United States
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I was born and raised in Africa and know first hand the tremendous impact a little money can have on the quality of life for: an individual, a family, and a community. I only loan money to a woman who wants to buy a cow. Why? I'm glad you asked... here are 3 reasons: 1️⃣ Women in third world countries are more likely than men to spend the money they earn on food and education for their children. I believe that helping a woman to buy a cow has a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of the individuals who need my help the most. 2️⃣ When I help a woman buy a cow I'm actually helping her to improve her position in the social hierarchy of her community. The true measure of wealth in Africa is cattle. For example the bride prize paid to a girl's parents is still expected to be paid in cattle (not cash). Single mothers are very low in the social hierarchy and are very vulnerable to all manner of exploitation. A woman who owns even only one cow is considered to be wealthy and is respected by the members of her community. 3️⃣ When I loan money to a woman I'm ensuring that I will be able to help many more woman in the future. It's a well established fact that woman are very reliable at paying back their loans. This means that it's highly likely that I'll get my money back so that I can help the next woman who needs to buy a cow.
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Dec 17, 2009
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