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Why It Is Ok For Athletes to Fail Sports are essential for the well-being of an individual. An individual benefits through maintaining body physique and material benefits that come along with sports. It is the dream of every sportsperson to prosper in his or her activities. This comes through attaining the highest recognition and other rewards that come along. Most people do not like to be associated with failure and hence work themselves out to ensure they are getting results. However, failure is also part of any competition. This aspect of failure is associated with negative compliments, comments among other things. Failure is taken with many emotions that can result in depression, low self-esteem, a sense of rejection among other things. Failure is not after all bad. It is prudent for athletes to fail in their sports and this serves as positive energy for them due to many reasons as discussed below. Failure allows one to reassess himself or herself to determine his or her strengths and weaknesses and come up with a methodology of improving. One of the evident reasons why athletes fail is lack of preparation. This is a common mistake among many sportspersons. One is given an ample opportunity to reevaluate himself or herself. This entails establishing the mistakes and device ways of improving from those mistakes so that the cycle does not recur. One can change direction and strategize well to reach the highest achievement. Failure is a gateway to passing. Failure allows one to start afresh on his or her plans aimed at making one achieve highly. Failure is the only route to success. An underperforming athlete may feel uncomfortable. This means that he or she is not satisfied with the current position or place that he or she is at that particular moment. This gives one the energy, desire, and ambition to work harder to the achievement of his or her goals. This goes a long way in boosting the morale of one to work even better to ensure he or she succeeds. Failure brings about resilience and mental toughness. Most athletes face challenges that range from sickness, family issues, stress among other reasons. This alone is the major contributor to consistently poor performance among many athletes. An athlete who constantly posts poor performance will have the desire and internal energy to constantly strive for better performance. This will enable one to constantly improve and ensure one can resonate and compete favorably with other athletes. When athletes fail, they can prepare themselves well and have a tough mind that can withstand all the pressure that will be forthcoming in the field of their specialization. It is easy to measure the character and ability of an athlete in face of failure and adverse competition. Failure provides a reality check of where one is compared to others. The success of one is defined relative to an established standard of measure. One who can defeat others on the common scale of measure is considered to have succeeded. Through failure, one can determine his or her position at any time.
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