A loan helped a woman-owned business to grow her capacity to meet increased demand.

Alyssia's story

When I lost my full-time position on March 16, 2020, I felt like my world was crashing down. As a mother of two bi-racial children in Baltimore, I felt like everything I had worked so hard to obtain was suddenly very far away. At first, I kept telling myself to see the bright side of things. I applied for unemployment. I stayed home. I tried to allow myself to soak up the beauty of the outdoors. But I felt scared. When seven weeks went by with no income coming in to support our household, I knew I had to do something. Before the pandemic, I occasionally would partake in carpentry, making various furniture pieces for friends and family. But, before then, I never had the time to do it more than a few times per month. Now, I had all the time in the world.

When a neighbor posted on the app Nextdoor that she was looking for someone to build a custom tv media console because she could not find anything at Pottery Barn, Ikea, etc. to fit her oddly shaped space, I took a chance--I reached out to her to offer my services: I would build a custom tv console for her to look like it was built-in, but actually, still be modular. And that's what I did. At the time, I did not realize it, but that was the launching of my business. I spent all of May building that piece--a 60" long, 96" tall, three-piece tv console. I loved every minute of it. And now, I felt even more proud of the fact that my boys could see their mama turning long slabs of wood into beautiful creations. Suddenly, their love of lego building became real-life stuff! During a time when I previously felt scared and demoralized, I felt proud.

After I completed the project, that client's recommendation turned into four more clients. And then that turned into four more clients. In less than one month, I had enough business to justify applying for an LLC. And that's what I did.

In the less than six months that I've been in business, I've done $60,000 in sales. I have enough signed contracts to guarantee business for another half of a year. And the business keeps growing. Up until this point, I've been running a shop in the basement of my tiny, three-story townhome. But I now need to invest in larger equipment and commercial space to rent in order to meet the ever-growing demands of clientele. That is what this loan will allow me to do.

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It supports a female entrepreneur in expanding their business.

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