A loan helped a minority-owned business hire two new employees and fund a marketing campaign.

Michael's story

I have wanted to be a business owner since I was a child. I did not know what type of business I wanted to have, but I knew being an entrepreneur piqued my interest. I attended a career readiness program while in high school where we choose a career to learn more about. I chose accounting because I was pretty good with numbers and the salaries were very nice, from what I saw. My family always called me "the smart one" when talking about me and stressed that I would be a great businessman. During my college years, I almost gave up after realizing accounting was not as easy as I had hoped, but I made it through. When I graduated from college with an internship at a CPA firm, I understood that accounting was my pathway to build a successful business.

As I was interning, I learned a lot of the technical skills of accounting and dealing with clients, but that was also when I learned that my mom was being ripped off by a big named tax preparer in our local community. I was not concerned that she did not utilize the services where I worked, my concern was that my mom was being taken advantage of. As I thought about that, I wondered how many more people this could be happening to. From then on, I set out to aid my family, friends and their friends and families. Being in business for a few years now, I have begun to expand my vision to further than friends and families. I am now searching for prospects that are in need of integrity, honesty and care.

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Years in operation: 3 years - 5 years
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