A loan helped to pay for a solar irrigation pump.

Friday's story

Friday is a 33-year-old male farmer based in the Lusaka district of Lusaka Province, Zambia, where he lives with six of his family members.

Amidist the COVID-19 pandemic, Friday wishes to increase his cultivated area. This will enable him provide food for his community and contribute to the national food basket. Friday is asking for a loan to get a solar submersible pump. Having a pump will enable him to achieve his dream of growing tomatoes and onions and provide water for his animals. He will also be able to expand his cultivated area and grow other crops in the near future.

Rent-to-Own will deliver the water pump to Friday's farm and will ensure that he is trained on how to properly use and maintain the water pump so that it may continue to work for him over a long period of time.

This loan is special because:

It helps farmers acquire productive assets for business and farming activities.

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