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I grew up in Baltimore, raised with a consciousness of the racial and socioeconomic disparities in the city and country, so early on I was tuned into the concept of social engineering. I realized as a teen that young people have specific needs and I recognized that these basic needs are pervasively not being met by society. As I matured, I've built upon the idea that a single platform, inherently attractive to young people can begin to meet those needs: (social interaction, safe spaces, opportunity to earn money, and learn skills that prepare them for success in a fun, interactive, slightly dangerous/risky manner, and lastly it must be competitive.)

I work with young people everyday, I see the needs everyday, I am still a relatively young person and can still empathize with the circumstances of their existence and I have developed this intervention to fill in the blanks where the needs are based on my experience and research. There is data widely available concerning the value of structured out of school time activities, and the popularity of video games, robots, drones, team vs team sporting events and reality shows attests to the potential popularity of a local, travelling mixture of all of the above in one brand dedicated to community rejuvenation. I believe there are grassroots community movements that will patronize and support this STEAM effort en-mass across the country.

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it helps a pair of dedicated entrepreneurs get educational fun to more kids.

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