A loan of $2,000 helped me to step into a brick and mortar location in Cincinnati, Ohio, Purchase furniture and inventory.

Chanel's story

Chanel's love for fashion stems from flipping through the pages of grandma Evelyn's Vogue and Bazaar magazines, at the impressionable age of 5. Going to grandmas house meant no television. However, Chanel enjoyed flipping the pages of magazines to see different models and their outfits. The most fascinating pages in the magazines were the ones written with "CHANEL'".

As Chanel got older, her stature and confidence helped to develop her modeling career and gain the spotlight in a magazine.

This path landed her jobs in major retail stores, allowing her to explore creatively. Ultimately, it was Chanel's keen eye for shoes & fashion that caught the attention of customers. They would come in and express that loved how the mannequin in the window was dressed and wanted the exact outfit and for Chanel to assist.

While working for a top shoe retailer for 5 years, Chanel grew to love shoes and became passionate with helping women that wore extended sizes, especially her sister who struggles to buy cute & trendy shoes in her size.

There were times where Chanel would say to herself, “one day I’ll own a shoe store, and ill be able to assist women like my sister”. A women that wears a size 12, should have the same options as a woman that wears a size 6.

Chanel also wants to use her storefront, as a place where other women can have pop up shops. Giving them the opportunity to experience a brick and mortar. It's imperative that women realize they can accomplish anything they put their mind too.

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Industry: Retail
Years in operation: New Business

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