A loan of $10,000 helped spread awareness about coffee farmers and their farms in Latin America. It will also help maximize working capital for advertising and marketing.

Rudy's story

I come from a strong diverse Latino background. My parents from Dominican Republic and Bolivia respectively. My background has greatly influenced me and has increased my desire to learn more about Latin America, specifically the coffee that is grown there. As an immigrant in the United States I have struggled with the language and new cultures. Overtime I have overcome these barriers and learned how to integrate into this new society.

I always felt the need to unite Latino countries. I decided to leave my routine job as a Systems Administrator of 10 years and headed out to explore Latin America. My journey allowed me to meet so many beautiful people, explore amazing sites and venture into the most extraordinary coffee farms. I found something in common that unites most Latino countries, this thing was coffee. In my travels I developed a strong bond with a number of farmers and producers across several Latin America countries such as Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. The more I connected with these farmers, the more I felt responsible for sharing their stories and product with the world.

Having no previous experience in the world coffee business I immersed myself with passion into it over the course of several months. I returned again to Peru and worked with coffee farmers and producers for over two weeks.

My goal is to keep importing coffee directly from small coffee farms in Latin America, working only in small batches of top-quality beans. My product comes in completed and ready for sale, all the roasting, packaging done in Latin America. I intent to keep this way. This is important because many people in Latin America depend on coffee roasting to feed their families.

This loan is special because:

It will help the entrepreneur visit more coffee farmers and raise more awareness about the coffee farmer and the industry.

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