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Hello, I am a 24 year old Afro-Dominican from Brooklyn, East New York who is a Midwife in training, Doula, Childbirth educator and recently the creator and developer of the IbiOp App.

I recall practicing being a Doula when I was 12 years old, before even knowing it was a career and I learned about the Doula business after watching the “Business of being born” documentary.

What made me interested in this field of expertise was the want to make women feel empowered by supporting them during the moment when they become super humans, but may feel the most vulnerable.

During my extensive research to find a Midwife to be my preceptor as Midwife in training, I realized the lack of accessibility there is to different medical providers. Many Midwives who have their own private practice don’t have time to update their Facebook page or Twitter let alone have a website. Only about 27 states allow Certified Professional Midwives to have their own practice outside of Hospital Institutions, therefore, I made it a mission after training with the Farm Midwives of Summertown, TN to create a directory where not only clients can find these birth workers who specialize in natural birth but students interested in the field also. I hope the IbiOp App can provide jobs and more work for people in the maternity and women's wellness industry.

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