A loan of $5,000 helped grow my business while helping others achieve great things in their life.

Trueman's story

My name is TrueMan McGee. I'm a 31 year old "Foodpreneur" from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am child number 8 in line of 10 siblings. My dream has been clear for almost three years...feeding the world with my amazing Spring Rolls. I began cooking at an young age, the first time my mother let me make scrambled eggs on my own I was 6. I continued my love for cooking throughout my teen years reading through my favorite cook books and eagerly experiment with new recipes. Upon graduation I was faced with a decision in regard to my career path. Two options in my mind: become a chef or follow through with the trade I took in high school doing sheet metal. As I pondered the decision a trade recruiter came to the school I attended and assured me that I would not like it as a Chef. He stressed about the long hours and huge time sacrifice and lack of employment options for my future in such a competitive field. He as recruiters for specific fields of employment do assured me that working in the trades would guarantee a career and steady employment. Being young and naive I heeded his advice and began a career as a Sheet Metal Worker. I enjoyed the work but always felt like I was missing something. As the years passed I found myself laid off in the slower season of work. I noticed that since I left high school I gained 100 pounds. I was ready to get my health in order, I began exercising and eating healthy. I lost over 50 pounds. I realized I had a calling for Health and Fitness. I became a certified personal trainer under the American Council of Exercise and started a business called Getting Tired Fitness. I helped people like me who were "tired" of the way things were going and wanted to make a change in their lives. While on that journey I also realized people yearned for healthier food options. In my kitchen experiments with healthy recipes I made a sweet potato and black bean burrito and decided to try this in a spring roll and the rest is history!!

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It helps to expand a local, healthy spring roll business.

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Industry: Food
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
Website: gettingtiredfit.com


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