A loan of $5,000 helped purchase inventory and use my product to improve the health of people everywhere!

Eric's story

My name is Eric – I’m 45 and I have mercury and lead poisoning which among many other nuisances causes tightness in the muscles and connective tissues. I created the Body and Neck Track tools for relief when I was really desperate. They work exceptionally well and I use them almost every day (and sometimes several times in a day).

I spent two years developing my deep tissue massage tools, gathering feedback from experts, and launching a Kickstarter project. The response from around the world has been very exciting and today my tools are being used in 33 countries.

There are far easier ways to make money, for example selling lightweight products that cost almost nothing to manufacture... but that's not me - Massage Track is a labor of love and as a result my tools are world-class. I know they can help millions of people desperate for a simple solution and that's what fires me up.

Here's some feedback from a Kickstarter backer that brought tears to my eyes:

"Both of these Tracks are very effective . . . I use them daily and as a disabled Veteran, I really enjoy using them as I can focus on what needs to be done with confidence that I will be safe. With multiple TBI’s and a surgical neck resection, I have to be very careful, and this product is a Godsend . . . Being able to relieve my disk problems and release tension while in control of the Track, allows me to concentrate on the massage, without fear."

But, I've come to understand that I can't get my tools out to the world without financing for my inventory. Kiva Zip seems like a beautiful, natural extension of Kickstarter and I want to be a part of it!

This loan is special because:

Exercise is a really important part of the community and everybody can get involved.

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