A loan of $5,000 helped acquire the reserved capital to maintain payroll for commercial projects and add two skilled carpenters to our team.

Scott's story

My name is Scott Thomas-Tunstalle and I grew in the Hill District. It was a close knit community that was family oriented where business owners supported each other and engaged well with the residents. My motivation to become a successful business owner is connected to three major aspects of my life; community, family, and personal freedom.

For many years, I watched as a laborer for the Local Union, the inequality of the overall development in the residential and commercial sectors in my neighborhood as well as as other neighborhoods with the same or similar demographics. The inequality I speak of comes in many forms such as high prices, bad workmanship, lack of quality training, unprofessional lines of communication, and unethical approaches to getting the jobs completed.

When it comes to my family, I have seen 6 homeowners lose their home due to unaffordable construction related expenses. There were houses that my elders worked their whole life to pay off that should have been passed down to their children to strengthen the community. Yet, a leaking roof, bad wiring, furnace troubles, busted pipes, or combination of other minor problems have resulted in my family now owning only 3 houses in the Hill District. So, by freeing myself from the restraints of another entity, I have been able to bring reasonable prices, quality workmanship, develop a summer training program, speak directly to home and business owners, and create an ethical work environment. Being able to accomplish this has ensured that my family and families similar to mine can keep their homes and build upon them.

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