A loan of $5,000 helped purchase a single head table-top volumetric piston filler machine to bottle Prickly Pig Barbecue Sauce.

Karen's story

My name is Karen Kilkenny. I grew up in both Salinas, CA and Oregon. Neither are known for a food culture. After 6 years in San Francisco, I now live in Oakland, CA. I am eating up the area's amazing food scene.

I've always been in love with food, but I wasn't always obsessed with barbecue sauce. When I was young, I used to bake. Unfortunately, I wasn't any good at it. Once, I turned the family kitchen into a chocolate factory making orange chocolate truffles, like an I Love Lucy episode. When I finished, I nearly ate them all and to this day, I still can't eat orange chocolate anything!

While living in San Francisco, I would cook family style meals at my apartment on Haight street. My friends knew they could come over and eat, any time. We were all broke and hungry. At times, I'd have 10 friends squeezed into a small apartment that had a giant dining table for everyone to eat at. I would make chicken noodle soup, jambalaya, pork sandwiches (where the sauce began), chicken enchiladas, plenty of bacon and cheap champagne. You have to get creative with food when you're young, broke, and hungry! Prickly Pig's pork sandwich was originally part of a barbecue to celebrate friendship. Fast forward a few years of friends gathering to eat and we now have a versatile, perfect sauce!

My aspirations for Prickly Pig Barbecue Sauce is to have it available in local retail shops to be enjoyed by everyone! I have many wonderful memories with friends and family eating and allowing the recipe to develop. The current recipe was refined because people continually showed up to eat!

We got creative and have a lot of fun putting this versatile sauce on everything! That includes popcorn, eggs, tater tots, chicken wings, and so much more! Hopefully, the sauce can bring people together, create or celebrate special occasions or just enhance your meal! Food, just like life, should be enjoyed! Sharing my love of food, creative energy, and my adventurous spirit with my friends and family makes life more enjoyable. Life is a wild ride and like good food, best to be shared in good company!

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Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
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