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Loans to U.S. small businesses

Small businesses create 2 out of every 3 new jobs in the U.S. Support financially excluded and socially impactful borrowers with these 0% interest loans.

Madison, WI
A loan of $7,500 helps a Peruvian caterer furnish her commercial kitchen space. Read more

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Englewood, CO
A loan of $3,000 helps us to support young people who have slipped through the cracks of a one size fits all education. Read more
Burlington, WI
A loan of $15,000 helps me to scale up my products and grow my small business. Read more
Milwaukee, WI
A loan of $7,000 helps expand and continue to reach the community in unique ways. Read more
Aurora, CO
A loan of $8,500 helps with packaging materials for my all inclusive nutritional supplement powder. Read more
Mayville, WI
A loan of $9,500 helps open up our storefront to sell Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. Read more
Mount Rainier, MD
A loan of $3,500 helps a black women-owned business launch a line of superfood infused botanical candy bars. Read more
Fort Worth, TX
A loan of $15,000 helps a small business grow it's car-sharing fleet on Turo. Read more
Columbus, OH
A loan of $7,500 helps a woman-owned business hire employees. Read more
Sharon, WI
A loan of $5,000 helps us to revitalize our store front for our grocery store grand opening. Read more
South San Francisco, CA
A loan of $15,000 helps an aspiring entrepreneur grow his small car rental business. Read more
Fishers, IN
A loan of $7,500 helps a women-owned business overcome the challenges posed by the COVID 19 crisis. Read more
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