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Small businesses create 2 out of every 3 new jobs in the U.S. Support financially excluded and socially impactful borrowers with these 0% interest loans.

Cleveland, OH
A loan of $6,000 helps an entrepreneur establish her business despite the challenges of Covid-19. Read more

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Fayetteville, NC
A loan of $4,500 helps me to purchase the supplies to give children their dream event. Read more
Los Fresnos, TX
A loan of $15,000 helps a women-owned business and her husband,to help families to spend more time with each other outdoors. Read more
Chapel Hill, NC
A loan of $7,000 helps a food truck owned by a Latinx woman to overcome challenges presented by COVID-19. Read more
Medford, OR
A loan of $6,000 helps a black contractor purchase another vehicle and trailer in order to hire employees and expand. Read more
Charlotte, NC
A loan of $15,000 helps a thriving immigrant-owned business overcome the challenges of COVID. Read more
Atlanta, GA
A loan of $4,000 helps upgrade my equipment and grow my small business. Read more
Denver, CO
A loan of $6,000 helps to invest in the necessary inventory to expand my business. Read more
Washington, IA
A loan of $7,500 helps us expand our business to include a coffee bar and roastery. Read more
Palo Alto, CA
A loan of $7,000 helps a local company purchase equipment to improve services. Read more
Saint Louis, MO
A loan of $5,000 helps a woman-owned moving company to purchase a box truck. Read more
Rockwood, MI
A loan of $5,500 helps expand my small business and buy new inventory and equipment. Read more
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