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Small businesses create 2 out of every 3 new jobs in the U.S. Support financially excluded and socially impactful borrowers with these 0% interest loans.

Ozone Park, NY
A loan of $8,500 helps me to develop and flourish my business. Read more

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Flemington, NJ
A loan of $10,000 helps me overcome the challenges posed by Covid-19. Read more
Littleton, CO
A loan of $4,000 helps stay afloat and manage the challenges that have arisen as a result of COVID-19. Read more
Dallas, TX
A loan of $5,000 helps a black woman owned business create employment, community, and inventory to sustain our business. Read more
Cleveland, OH
A loan of $7,500 helps provide equipment for the business and a space for the black owned brands that we serve. Read more
Meridianville, AL
A loan of $3,000 helps women-owned disabled veteran business with inventory and supplies. Read more
Lusby, MD
A loan of $6,000 helps this woman-owned business get cheesy. Read more
Providence, RI
A loan of $7,000 helps the community learn more about finances and credit. Read more
Ferndale, MI
A loan of $3,000 helps a disabled, woman-owned business purchase equipment, inventory and supplies to grow the business. Read more
Springboro, OH
A loan of $6,000 helps a small startup take its product to market by allowing us to manufacture our first units. Read more
Chandler, AZ
A loan of $8,500 helps us achieve FDA Authorization for the ventilator we have made for the current COVID-19 pandemic. Read more
Bayonne, NJ
A loan of $5,500 helps making customer service great again. Read more
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