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Protecting the environment and creating economic growth don’t always go hand in hand, but by supporting these loans you give people access to products that reduce pollution and provide sustainable energy, and support businesses that promote recycling.

A loan of $2,550 helps to buy some different kinds of fish for selling, a fridge to keep the fish as well as equipment to help in fishing. Read more

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A loan of $4,525 helps a member to buy toys and clothing. Read more
A loan of $925 helps to buy farm inputs, such as seeds and quality organic fertilizers, to improve her crop farming. Read more
A loan of $1,200 helps to buy a greenhouse where he will be able to plant vegetables even before and after the season. Read more
Baowendsom Angele
Burkina Faso
A loan of $1,400 helps to buy 50 Tecno phones and 50 Infinix phones and save to take care of her family. Read more
A loan of $1,975 helps to buy a new display fridge, a chest freezer, snacks, frozen goods, canned food, a sack of onions and potatoes. Read more
A loan of $1,025 helps to maintain his farm land, to improve the mulch to have greater production of cacao and to have better profits. Read more
A loan of $1,200 helps to purchase supplies, like calcium, zinc, and boron, and to improve an income and a quality of life. Read more
A loan of $1,275 helps to buy vegetable seeds, chemicals, wheelbarrows, a water tank, a rake, a shovel, hand gloves, and safety boots. Read more
A loan of $2,000 helps to buy more grocery goods and a fridge for his store. Read more
Gs Daniel : Grupo 2 Group
Dominican Republic
A loan of $1,150 helps a member to buy merchandise to sell (jackets, pants, blouses, polo shirts, shoes, etc.). Read more
Costa Rica
A loan of $2,575 helps to buy agricultural supplies for his coffee crop. Read more
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