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One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund

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A loan of $500,000 helps One Acre Fund farmers in Tanzania access seeds and supplies on credit to help them feed themselves, their families and their communities.




One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund's story

Women are central figures in the fight to end global hunger. One Acre Fund provides smallholder farmers with financing for farm inputs, improved agricultural inputs, clean energy products, agricultural training, and market facilitation, enabling smallholder farmers to grow out of hunger and poverty. Women are the primary farmers in approximately 60% of the smallholder households, where most people survive on less than $1 per day. One Acre Fund’s typical client farms approximately an acre of land and supports others in her family. Solutions to boost productivity and incomes for rural women can directly reduce poverty and increase food security in the world’s most vulnerable regions.

This loan will help One Acre Fund to provide agricultural inputs on credit to 4,000 smallholder farmers in Tanzania, enabling them to grow produce to feed themselves, their families, and communities in the 2022 growing season. Over the past several years, One Acre Fund has improved self-reported hunger among their clients in Tanzania by about 37% and increased income among OAF farmers by 17% ($51 dollars) in 2020 alone. Normally, these farmers would be posted to Kiva.org as groups for fundraising. However, COVID-19 continues to disrupt Acre Fund’s operations in Tanzania, which prevented them from posting their group loans to Kiva’s website.

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