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A loan of $1,775 helped to buy supplies and yarn to grow her weaving business and increase her income potential in the coming year.





Wilailak's story

Wilailak is a member of the Hmong hill-tribe from the village of Huai Hom in Phrae, Thailand. After finishing the ninth grade, she went to a vocational school where she earned a Vocational Certificate in Business. Wilailak then started her own small store in the village where she lives, but she has not done well due to global pandemic. Many people have returned to her village from large cities in the past year. They used to visit once or twice a year and send money back to their loved ones. Now, many are without work and unable to support their families. Wilailak has felt discouraged being in her store all day long and only having one or two customers!

Wilailak still hopes to make a living as a small merchant, but in the meantime, she has taken up hammock weaving.

Her weaving business has done well and she is even able to work from her store! She says she no longer feels discouraged when there is a long time between customers, because “I can use that time to earn money weaving hammocks!”

She also reflects, “I am glad for the things I learned in school. I am able to budget my income and help my family survive bad times. I am also glad I learned how to weave hammocks. It has kept our family from suffering like so many others have during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Wilailak’s loan will ensure that her work isn't impacted by the global pandemic and that she is able to invest in raw materials to have steady weaving work throughout the coming year.

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