4 ways to improve your loan’s chance of being approved

Every week our review team looks at over 100 loan applications, and we will prioritize loans that meet these three qualifications.

Once your loan is submitted, the Review team at Kiva HQ will take a week or less to review your application. The Kiva Review Team looks at every submitted application and determines your approved loan size and the number of lenders you must invite to be approved. 

1) Profile quality

We prioritize borrowers who have high-quality loan applications with clear photos, detailed loan purposes, and well thought out personal stories and business descriptions.

2) Business validation

We prioritize borrowers with websites and social media links, as it’s a requirement to validate that your business exists. If we can’t do that based on your application, you will need to send us a photo of your business license. 

3) Responsiveness

We speak with every borrower on the phone before we post your loan. We give priority to borrowers who are highly responsive. The final step in the approval process is a phone conversation from our Review team to explain your approved loan size and terms. So make sure the phone number you listed is working! Next, your profile will go live and you can begin private fundraising. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at borrowers@kiva.org. We’ll make sure a human gets in touch with you!

About the author

Joshua Starkey

Joshua joined the Kiva team in 2011 after completing his BS in Biology & Environmental Studies from Keene State College in New Hampshire. Relocating across the country Joshua fulfilled a Quality Assurance Engineer role at Kiva for 3 1/2 years. More recently Joshua has moved into a Software Engineer roll working on making the Kiva website function better for users. He is happy to be working with a strong group of individuals motivated toward positive change. When Joshua isn’t working on the Kiva website, you can find him riding his bike or running around California.