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The Economist Honors Kiva CEO and Co-Founders with “No Boundaries” Innovation Award!

For ten years The Economist has presented Innovation Awards to some of the world's leading creators, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists and thinkers such as Hernando De Soto, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Shigeru Miyamoto, Jimmy Wales and Mark Zuckerberg. The program honors innovators who "map our future by changing the way we work, think and live". The awards are divided into seven categories that cover a wide range of fields including bioscience, business and technology among others.

We are thrilled to announce that this year, the program has chosen Kiva's co-founders, Matt Flannery and Jessica Jackley, as the recipients of its "No Boundaries" Innovation Award. The award is reserved for those who have made an outstanding contribution to the world of technology.

The Economist held its official awards ceremony last night in London and today will host The Economist Innovation Awards Summit. The Summit provides a forum for award winners, business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to explore the latest ground-breaking ideas that will have a positive impact on society in the future. As this is the tenth anniversary of the Innovation Awards, The Economist has invited all past winners to attend this year's Summit which will make the occasion all the more exciting!

Kiva CEO and Co-Founder, Matt Flannery

To read The Economist's official press release announcing the award, click here! To hear from Matt about his views on innovation, check out this Q&A produced by The Economist!

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