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The honest truth: Working in community support at Kiva

So, what’s it like working on the Community Support and Engagement (CS) team at Kiva?

Welcoming our 38th class of Kiva Fellows!

The start of February brought us the beginning of our 38th class of Kiva Fellows! We welcomed our new fellows, Nils and Pranav, to Kiva with a week of training and festivities.

Adjogno’s dream: A restaurant and a better education for her children

"I enjoy working; my biggest motivation is my children," Adjogno said, "I want them to go to the university and finish their education so they can have more choices and options in the future."

Better housing means a better quality of life in El Salvador

Home is where you build your memories, and a Kiva loan has helped Isbelia improve her home and her lifestyle.

Year in review: Celebrating an impactful 2019 for Kiva volunteers

From Protocol to Kiva Capital, we have ever more reasons to depend on our editing and translating volunteers for the loan review process.

Letters from an Intern: Sarah Klem engages with the Kiva community

"The opportunity to join Kiva came to me the way the nonprofit comes to most diehard Kivans - through the recommendation of a trusted friend."

A small daycare with a big heart in Colombia

"I could easily work less and only care about making money, but I do this with love and care for the children."

Welcoming new interns!

This week, we welcomed 11 interns into our Kiva family!

High-impact lending where others can’t: The missing middle

Luke Seidl, Kiva's Senior Investment Manager of Small & Growing Businesses, explains what Kiva is doing about the missing middle.

Monthly Good is the easiest New Year's resolution to keep

What if we told you that the easiest New Year’s resolution to keep takes only 90 seconds and makes a difference year-round?

“Power? Me?”: A Latina’s take on female empowerment

 "By capturing these women strutting their stuff, laughing and just taking a break, a tool and a keepsake were created."

How Kiva is changing the story for internally displaced people in Colombia

Imagine becoming displaced in your own country. It's a reality for many in Colombia.