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Recent posts

Announcing Vishal Ghotge as Kiva’s new CEO: A message from the Board of Directors

It is our distinct honor to announce with excitement the appointment of Kiva’s new CEO, Vishal Ghotge. Learn more about Vishal here.

The results are in: Find out how Kiva is impacting financial outcomes for US borrowers

Kiva US partnered with 60dB to conduct the program’s first-ever idependent impact evaluation. See what we found out about how US borrowers are impacted by their Kiva loans.

Sowing seeds, reaping stability: How Kiva loans help sustain Deysi and her family

Thanks to a long series of microloans, Deysi has been able to sustain her harvests on her land, take care of her children, and find steadiness.

Catherine is a skilled artisan from Ghana. A Kiva loan helped her grow her business and teach the trade to others.

Catherine is an artisan from Ghana who specializes in handcrafted African beaded jewelry. With a $300 loan from Kiva, Catherine was able to grow her business and help others, too.

‘I work hard for my money, so it needs to work hard for me!’ Kiva lender Colleen makes a big impact with small loans

Colleen made her first loan in 2015 to a woman in Mozambique setting up a clothing resale shop. Since then, she’s made over 130 loans on Kiva, focusing on the African continent.

How Kiva loans helped Rosa invest in her life and land—and become a leader for women in her community

Decades ago, Rosa took out her first loan. In the years that followed, she has grown her rice fields, invested in her house, and led her loan group to find success.

Little fish, big business: Kiva loans helped Maricela grow her pickled pinchagua venture in Ecuador

Maricela owns a successful pinchagua pickling enterprise in Ecuador. Kiva loans have enabled her to grow her business and employ seven other women in her community.

‘Pay attention and keep an eye on the future’: How a Kiva loan helped Manal grow her business in Palestine

As a woman entrepreneur, Manal faces extraordinary challenges. But with perseverance and the help of a Kiva loan, Manal continues to deflect criticism, overcome challenges, and upend social norms to succeed.

How Zuora inspires its employees and clients to become Kiva lenders

When Zuora, a leading monetization platform provider for recurring revenue businesses, wanted a way to level up its social impact, it looked to Kiva to dial in the details.

How a seasoned restaurateur built her latest success with help from a Kiva loan

On the coast of Ecuador, Noemi runs the Aloha Bar Restaurant just steps from the beach. A Kiva loan helped her make the luau-themed gathering spot a success.

New survey data finds Gen Z and Millennials want to make a difference and are practicing 'Broke Altruism'

Kiva commissioned a national, multi-generational survey to learn how Americans are motivated to make a difference in the world. Find out the most important trends from our State of Altruism pulse.

Why donate to Kiva?

If Kiva is all about lending... why do we need your donations? Find out how donating to Kiva advances our mission to expand financial access and help underserved communities thrive.