Peace, Love, and Platanos – video recap of a recent visit to three ECCs

This past weekend Steven, Gerardo, and I made our way to Talamanca, indigenous territory in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone.  There we met with three up-and-coming ECCs set up with the help of Peace Corps volunteer Chase Adam.

The ECCs have been successfully lending and recollecting money for months , and are hoping to expand with funds from EDESA and Kiva.

We rode, walked, ran, and swam (okay, we didn’t swim) in order to get there, and made it back in time for the work week.  Check out the video below for a recap of the visit.

Until next time – get plenty of rest, eat your vegetables, and make a loan to an entrepreneur at

Speaking of vegetables: Costa Rican Barbeque

John Murphy is a Kiva Fellow serving at EDESA in San José, Costa Rica.  In his spare time there he enjoys sampling the local sodas, using the cell phone he recently acquired, and keeping in touch with his friends around the world.

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