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Mukula’s Dream: A better future for her boys

March 20, 2015

Mukula has an eye for vibrant colors, and she puts it to good use in her sari-weaving business. Spools of ruby red, deep turquoise and sapphire blue are all on deck for the week’s work.

Mukula processes the raw materials and yarn for the saris. She can also weave on one of the 3 hand looms she owns, but these days she has help for that. With the support of a Kiva loan of $570, Mukula has grown her business to the point that she employs 2 skilled workers. Her husband works for her part time as well.

It’s a pretty impressive accomplishment by any measure, but especially for a former child bride. Like many women in India, Mukula got married at a young age, before she turned 18. According to UNICEF, 47% of girls in India were married before the age of 18 in 2014, and 18% before the age of 15.

Mukula, a former child bride, at age 43.

Mukula doesn’t have any girls herself, but she has two boys that she wants to provide a better future for. Her Kiva loan helped her buy more yarn wholesale, which cuts expenses and allows her to save.

She says she is working to save money so her 2 sons can afford to get married. And her longterm dream is also to have enough to build a new house that could accommodate her whole family.

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