Kiva’s Inspirational Reach

We are in Day 4 of our Kiva Fellowship training in San Francisco. We’ve gathered from all over the US to prepare for our 3+ month stints across Africa, Asia, South America and Central Europe. Really the most amazing moment for me here has been meeting and communing with 30 other people who are about to deploy across the world. It’s a great and inspirational feeling to realize you’re sitting in a discussion group with seven eager and excited people- one about to fly off to Cambodia, another to Nicaragua, another to Bali, or to Tanzania, or to Azerbaijan… the list goes on and on. It’s really been my most favorite aspect of this training to see and almost tangibly “feel” the organization’s reach.

How exciting to know that here we are gathered in this room and one month from now we will be in some of the farthest corners of the world hoping to make an impact, an impression or a change. To my fellow Fellows: I’m looking forward to pinging you in Africa, Asia and Central Europe from beautiful Peru…


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