Kiva Partners and Borrowers in West Africa Facing Floods

Many of us have read about severe flooding in the West Africa in the news recently. Annual flooding is a norm this region, but this year’s floods have been severe, causing hundreds of deaths and leaving 100,000 people homeless across Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Niger and other nations. This flooding is part of a pattern of floods that have taken lives and homes all across West Africa in recent months—the United Nations estimated 421 dead and 1.7 million displaced in West and Central Africa since June.

We were relieved to learn that the staff of Kiva’s Beninois field partner Alidé, which operates in an area severely affected by the floods, are all safe, though some have had to leave their homes. It is certain that the flooding has affected many of Alidé’s borrowers, among them people who have been supported by Kiva lenders in the past.

There has also been flooding in Togo, Benin’s neighbor. Many districts of the capital city of Lomé, home to a great many of our field partner WAGES’ borrowers, have been severely damaged. The Kiva team would like to express our support for everyone in Benin, Togo and all of West Africa as this situation continues to develop.

About the author

Kathy Guis

As Regional Director, Europe & Asia, Kathy Guis manages the team responsible for Kiva's partnerships with microfinance institutions and social enterprises in the region with an eye to maximizing Kiva's impact while controlling risk. Currently based in San Francisco, Kathy began working for Kiva in 2010 in field-based roles in Dakar, Senegal and Beirut, Lebanon. Prior to working for Kiva, Kathy worked in marketing and publishing. Kathy is fluent in French and graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Comparative Literature, summa cum laude, in 2006. In her spare time, Kathy hikes, cooks, and spreads the word about how awesome Wisconsin is (it's really great).