Kiva Partner Stands with #BringBackOurGirls

The story from Nigeria about the young women abducted from their school dormitory has been weighing heavy on me since the media finally started reporting on it.  I took a staff photo today of the Camfed Zimbabwe team showing their solidarity and support of these girls and their families.

We need not share a name for them to be our daughters and sisters. We need not share a continent for them to be our countrymen and kin. We need not share a god for them to be our angels. They are all of ours.

Write the Nigerian government.
Write the White House.
Write your elected representatives.
Share this story.

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Patrick Hayes

Patrick grew up in the Midwest, deeply curious about the world that existed beyond the wheat fields and interstates. His first experience as a foreigner was in Spain as a young adult, and he has since focused his travels on developing countries where he has strived to leave a meaningful mark on people or communities through volunteerism.Patrick has now been traveling around the world and volunteering for more than 20 years. He has combined his passion for philanthropy with his insatiable curiosity about the world to more deeply understand other cultures while practicing a “leave YOUR trace” style of travel. He shares these experiences and their lessons through his blog ( He holds a journalism degree and a masters in environmental policy. Beyond his professional endeavors as a consultant for NGOs, Patrick has contributed to causes he cares about through efforts at home and abroad. He has served volunteer roles in South Africa, India, Peru, Costa Rica, Belize, Thailand and most recently in Moore, Oklahoma, where he provided aid to tornado victims immediately following the devastating storms of May 2013.