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What if we told you that the easiest New Year’s resolution to keep takes only 90 seconds and makes a difference year-round?

Imagine becoming displaced in your own country. It's a reality for many in Colombia.

Every fire starts with a spark. Learn about Kiva's DSE program and how BioLite is providing cleaner home stove options in developing countries!

New Media and Branding intern Claire Primack shares stories from her past six months with Kiva.

What an awe-inspiring holiday season we had here at Kiva — and it was all thanks to you, the heartbeat of the Kiva community! We want to highlight and share the global impact you’ve made over the past month.

Kiva Fellow Jeremy takes us on his adventure through Africa to see Kiva's impact in the field. Well worth a watch.

"Growing up in the Minnesota suburbs, my parents always encouraged me to look out for the little guy." Read our staff accountant Jeff Nelson's blog, discussing his journey as a Fellow and what Kiva means to him!

Our media fellow Idania Ramirez shares stories from her time with borrowers and field partners in Peru!

As a new or frequent lender, there may be times when you’re confused about the process of Kiva loans. Well, we have answers!

Did you know that for every $1 donated, Kiva can facilitate $8 in loans?!

What do your donations really do? Here are just a few highlights from this year that could not have happened without the support of your donation dollars.