I Don’t Want to Stop Being a Kiva Fellows 7th Class (Welcome KF8!)

The members of the seventh Kiva Fellows class (KF7) recently received some rather startling news:  Kiva is sending out reinforcements.  The team in San Francisco rounded up a new bunch of smart, capable, passionate people (creatively referred to as KF8) to fan out across the globe where they will meet Kiva borrowers, write journal updates, post enriching and exciting material to this blog, raise awareness about the work of their respective host institutions, and take cold showers for two to four months.

Upon hearing the news, Brett Dobbs (KF7, Kenya) and I were overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions.  What if everyone likes KF8 better?  What if they write more journals than we did?  What if they have stronger stomachs or figure out how to talk to a borrower without falling off a chair into the dirt?   What are we, a group of rugged, field tested KF7’s, supposed to do when our Kiva-ness is threatened by some newly minted, probably-smarter-than-us KF8’s?



Looks like even though I’m not taking the news well, Brett’s pretty confident that we’re the best ever.  So I guess until KF8 starts out-journal posting, out-blogging, and out-awesome-ing us, I’ll hold off on finding a way to get rid of the KF7 Para Siempre tattoo I got last week.

Welcome, congratulations, and good luck KF8!


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