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Introducing Kiva U: the homeschooling solution during the COVID-19 pandemic

April 13, 2020

For all the parents out there, we know it’s difficult to try and be superhumans during these strange and uncertain times. It’s a massive challenge to balance work and family life at home, juggling all the obstacles that come with this new pandemic-induced lifestyle. At Kiva, we want to help in any way we can.

With schools halting in-person meetings, we understand that many parents are currently looking for activities to provide their children with while they are at home during this time. It’s often difficult to find options that are interesting, educational and fun! That’s where we’ve got you set, with Kiva U.


Welcome to Kiva U! Right now, you can access easy, streamlined activities for students of all levels — all for free! These exercises will teach your children more about world issues like global poverty, refugees, food safety, clean water, entrepreneurship, the value of family, financial inclusion and more!

Kiva U is an easy opportunity to share Kiva with your family! Spend time together while educating young ones about the power of microfinance. There’s a wide array of content and supplemental material provided to maximize effectiveness and involvement.

Kiva U lessons involve:

  • Hands-on activities
  • Engaging videos
  • Family discussions
  • Games for every age group

Included with Kiva U are 8 easy, streamlined lessons, divided by topic and age group. Find lesson plans in the links below!

Lessons for ages 5–9

Lessons for ages 10-13

Lessons for ages 14-18

All Kiva U lessons

If you would like more lesson content for your family, send an email to contactus@kiva.org and we will gladly send you updates as we develop new material! Thanks you for supporting Kiva U. Happy learning!