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A poetic recap to the Month of Microfinance

May 23, 2013

Canterbury Microeconomics Club

A Thank You Poem
(Inspired by the rhymes of the Grade Three Kiva Ninjas at Bear Creek Elementary)

Not all feel compelled to jump up and dance,
Upon hearing that April’s Month of Micro-finance.
Once you’ve heard these stories, though, we know you’ll be crumping,
Cuz’ since we heard them here, our hearts have been thumping...

It wasn’t enough just to say “thanks,” this time,
So we’ll try to impress you by making it rhyme.
Since space here on the blog is just a bit limited,
We’ll start out with praise for our most uninhibited...

Canadian ninjas with passion for good?
Why can’t kids like this be in my neighborhood!?
Lucky for us, we have video proof.
Warning: if you watch it, you’ll be raising the roof.

There can now be no question, if Yale is fun,
Because they combined Kiva with their Color Run.
Funds raised went to Kiva, now it will be said,
Bulldogs give new meaning to painting towns red.

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize great,
Gave a lecture at Georgetown, and in case you were late,
Catch up with the webcast, they graciously posted,
Next time we give a talk, we sure hope they’ll host it.

At this point it’s certain, that you’re tapping your feet,
But don’t stop reading yet- there’s more folks you should meet!
Dozens screened some great films like: To Catch A Dollar,
Others showed Bonsai People which deserves its own holler.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, really raised the bar,
By hosting a whole carnival, with our Borrowers the star.
Cash raised from selling churros, handmade goods and more,
Will be lent out on Kiva, since that’s what Kiva’s for.

Did we mention yet, the challenge, so many people took:
To live on just two dollars, and have their worlds shook?
Their actions draw attention to those not always heard,
By taking up this task, they helped get out the word.

Some youth came to visit us-- we’re so glad they did!
Teams brainstormed all week then each one pitched a bid.
Keep your eyes open, more on this to come
We’ll stop this post here and give one final sum:

You’ve done it again, you’ve inspired us all.
We put out the cry, and you answered the call.
Praising your work seems the least we can do,
From the bottom of our hearts, we here, salute you.

Kiva Carnival at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory; Photo, courtesy of Chad Leong; Pictured, left to right: Dabney Standby, Social Studies Teacher, Shiang Chin, SHC Senior