7 Inspirational Quotes to Jumpstart Your Year

It’s a new year, and a new chance to focus on what’s important in life. At Kiva, we are so inspired and motivated by lenders like you, we just had to share a few of our favorite lender quotes to start the year.

It makes us want to get to work and make the most of 2015 already! How do you plan to help others this year?

“People everywhere are kind. They are good. They are honest. They are positive. They are helpful. They smile. They want the same things all everyone wants: a safe living environment, a decent job at a fair wage, a chance for their children to learn, for their local sports team to win this weekend, peace, good health, and a few laughs with friends." - Curt Harler in Strongsville, Ohio

“Entrepreneurs have always been the backbone of the world, lifting others up [on their backs,], making the world better country by country, business by business.” - Luke in Los Angeles, California

"Kiva helps us connect with other individuals whose stories are so similar...that one wonders at how is it still possible for some people to deny that all humans are equal.”  - Emanuela in Milan, Italy

“Kiva has enabled me to see the worth in every human being and the value in their ideas. We’re all on this earth at the same time and we need to recognize the global impact we can make simply by supporting each other.” - Alicia Ng in Queensland, Australia

“It's amazing that the web can let me help people in a [new] way... I've loaned to people who have a similar family to mine, to people in war torn countries, people from earthquake ravaged Haiti -- people from all over.” - Michael Cleland in Melbourne, Australia

"After reading some of the borrowers stories I realized how blessed I am. I know what it is like to be in need and to receive assistance, so I feel good to be able to lend to someone who is striving to make life better for themselves and family. You never know how far the person will be able to excel, and we all need a hand at one time or another.” - A Kenan in Brooklyn, New York

"When I was young my parents would give financial help to our church and our neighbors. It was a lesson in giving that has stayed with me for 100 years (my age)... Over the years I have found that helping others not only improves their lives, but enhances my own.” - Liane in Canton, New York

About the author

Kimmy Bettinger

Kimmy’s adventurous spirit took her from Northern California to New York City, where she graduated with a B.A. in English from Columbia University.  After being inspired by young entrepreneurs she met during her semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, Kimmy started a non-profit consulting agency at Columbia called 180 Degrees Consulting.  Kimmy enjoys soccer, trail running, surfing, and writing poetry.  She is excited to explore her passions for social entrepreneurship and marketing through her internship with Kiva.