That's right. Kiva has officially reached 1 MILLION borrowers with loans around the world!


Here's the thing: it's really YOU that's reached 1 million borrowers -- our lenders are truly the ones who made this inspiring, magical, stupendous achievement happen! You found the loans, you funded them, you touched and changed lives in fundamental ways. Your collective impact has set off a massive ripple effect of change across the world. And we can't thank you enough!

But we'll try...

Exactly how big of a deal is this? How many people is a million? 

  • It's more than the population of San Francisco where Kiva is headquartered
  • Enough to fill the largest football stadium in the world -- FedEx Field -- nearly 11 times
  • Enough to fill almost 2,000 Boeing 747s
  • Basically, it's a lot. And it means a lot too. 
Because of your loans, people in 65+ countries -- including some of the remote places on earth -- have been able to start and grow businesses, send their kids to school, maximize their crops, buy solar lanterns to light up their homes, the list goes on and on and the stories are endless. In just seven years, we've accomplished so much together. In our first year, Kiva crowdfunded just under $500,000 in loans. Today, our lenders fund $1.5 million a week! 

Of course, we couldn't do any of this without our over 150 field partners either. Not only do they enable anyone with an internet connection to impact people across the globe, they make sure your loan dollars are going to the people who need them most. We're so grateful. And we're excited to be expanding this list of partners to include universities, social enterprises, NGOs and others who are committed to using loans to make the world a better place.

The future's a bright one, and we want you along for the ride. 

But there's one more group we can't forget to thank. In the words of our Co-founder and CEO Matt Flannery: “I want to thank the one million borrowers who have proven to the world that it was worth taking a chance on them. You have made Kiva possible.”

Here's to the next million. Let's keep it going!

About the author

Camille Ricketts

Camille brings her passion for storytelling to Kiva, where she helps create and curate online content. A longtime journalist, she started her career reporting on arts and culture for the Wall Street Journal in London and New York. In 2008, she joined San Francisco-based blog VentureBeat, writing about  green technology, policy and finance. Most recently, she worked in public relations for electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors. Outside of work, Camille volunteers as a web designer for maternal health nonprofit Saving Mothers. She holds a B.A. in women's history from Stanford University, where she also served as editor in chief of The Stanford Daily.