At Kiva, we want to create good in the world. A lot of good.

One way that we try to maximize the good created through Kiva is by partnering with organizations that go above and beyond to generate positive outcomes for the communities they serve. This is called social performance.

Different organizations have different social performance strengths. The Kiva Social Performance Badges below were created to recognize organizations with a demonstrated commitment to one or more of these areas.

The badges were developed through careful research into best practices across the microfinance industry, and what Kiva has learned about facilitating positive outcomes for borrowers. These badges are assigned to Kiva Lending Partners during an initial due diligence process and are updated annually.

We know that every member of the Kiva community wants to maximize the impact they have when making a loan. When choosing a borrower to lend to on Kiva, we invite you to consider the Lending Partner’s social performance strengths.

The Kiva Social Performance Badges:

Anti-Poverty Focus
The work of most microfinance institutions helps to combat poverty, but these Lending Partners do even more.
Vulnerable Group Focus
These Lending Partners provide financial services to people from especially vulnerable and socially marginalized populations and groups.
Client Voice
These Lending Partners use feedback from the people they serve and adapt their business practices and product offerings to meet their needs.
Family and Community Empowerment
These Lending Partners offer support services that address the needs of their clients’ families: their health, education, and/or well-being.
Entrepreneurial Support
These Lending Partners offer training and support to help people start, manage and grow their businesses.
Facilitation of Savings
These Lending Partners specifically promote savings as a practice to the people they serve.
These Lending Partners embrace technology and innovation to better address the needs of the people they serve.