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Help us reach more people in 2015!

For every $1 in donations,
Kiva generates $9 in loans.

Thanks for helping us use all the matching funds for year-end 2014 donations. While donations aren't currently being matched and we've already reached our goal of $600,000 by Dec 31, we still need your support to reach even more people in 2015. Make a donation today!*

Last year Kiva received about 65% of the funds it needs from the suggested donation made with each loan – but that's not enough to keep us going. For every $25 loan made on the website, Kiva spends about $3.50. That money goes to:

  • Finding the most innovative organizations to partner with in more than 75 countries around the world.
  • Creating loans that better serve borrower’s needs and help them access education, clean energy and agricultural solutions.
  • Staffing the teams that build and maintain the Kiva website and systems that facilitate loans to more than 4,000 borrowers each week.
  • Supporting 500 volunteers around the world who do everything from translating loans to meeting with borrowers.

Every dollar counts. Will you help us get there?

Kiva is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. If you pay taxes in the United States, your donation may be tax deductible.

Many employers will match donations made to Kiva. After making your donation, please check with your employer to see if you can multiply your impact!

*Thanks to generous supporters, $204,000 in donations was matched this December. Confirmation of matching will be emailed to you next week if you made a donation of $35 or more between 4:30am PDT Dec 26 and 12:00pm PDT on December 27.