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Kiva Blog Update,

Kiva Community Raises $153k to Honor Inspiring Teacher

Biba, her class, and all of us at Kiva were blown away by the response to Biba's story of perseverance and spirit during a difficult battle with brain cancer. Nearly 3,700 lenders made a loan in Biba’s honor, raising $153,000 in loans for people around the world. Simply incredible. Below is a thank you letter to lenders from Biba, who also shares the story of her inspirational students: Se ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Meet the Kivans: Eric and Monica, Fearless Leaders of Kiva Volunteers

This month, we’re spotlighting some of the amazing Kivans who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make Kiva possible. Eric and Monica work with Kiva's volunteers who do everything from translate loans for the site to visiting borrowers in the field. Our volunteers are truly incredible, and so are Eric and Monica! Q&A with Eric Brandt, Senior Manager of the Kiva Fellow Program  What do you ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Meet the Kivans: Engineering Rock Stars Amy and Aswin

This month, we’re spotlighting some of the amazing Kivans who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make Kiva possible. Let’s start with two of the incredible folks who build and maintain the Kiva website and all the technical systems we rely on: Amy and Aswin! Q&A with Amy Rish, Engineering Manager at Kiva: What do you do at Kiva?  I am responsible for systems software development for Kiv ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Meet the Kivans: Field Experts Jomay and David

In the last installment of our series Meet the Kivans, we're excited to introduce you to Jomay and David. These two work closely with our partners in the field and have great insights on Kiva's work around the world. Q&A with Jomay Lui, Kiva's Senior Knowledge Manager What do you do at Kiva? I work on the Partnerships team, which is the team that finds, vets, trains and monitors our vast netwo ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

36 Hours in Detroit with Kiva Zip

Take a tour through Detroit with Kiva Zip and see this beautiful city through some of the local businesses that give it character and charm at every corner!  

Kiva Fellows Update

Kiva Fellows Update,

Rethinking Women in the Middle East

If you ask a group of people what they consider to be the most impressive part about the Middle East, they’ll likely mention something regarding its historical sites or rich cultural diversity.  While both factors are obviously worthy of mention, what continues to inspire me about this region is something far more valuable: its women. This might come as a surprise to some, given that the wide ...

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  1. Kiva Fellows Update

    Inside a Zimbabwean rural home

    We’d left at 6.30 in the morning, and travelled several hours through the district of Guruve, in Northern Zimbabwe, along increasingly potholed, flooded and narrow ‘roads’. Our aim was to visit Melter, one of the young women who have taken a Kiva loan through the local partner here in Zimbabwe, The Campaign for Female Education (Camfed). We’d come to find out how things were going with her…

    Posted by Alan Mathers

  2. Kiva Fellows Update

    Empowering Women Farmers in Kenya

    For three days in February, I visited Kiva borrowers in Nyanza Province near Lake Victoria in the southwest of Kenya. The visits took me to the city of Kisii and the nearby towns of Nyamira and Kenyenya via countless pickup truck, boda-boda, and matatu rides. Although it was invaluable to see a side of Kenya other than my base of Nairobi, the remoteness of the region gave me a new appreciation…

    Posted by Tony Chow

  3. Kiva Fellows Update

    Handing Out Money is Anything but Boring

    Motbung branch staff along with the Kiva Coordinator and us, the Kiva Fellows! Last Tuesday, I got the chance to attend a loan disbursement at one of WSDS’s branch offices in Motbung, about 30 minutes from Manipur’s capital city of Imphal. A loan disbursement is exactly what is sounds like, handing out cash to groups of WSDS clients who have applied for a loan, gone through training, and been…

    Posted by Darcey Tindall

  4. Kiva Blog Update

    Links We Like: The internet has a meltdown and we discover our inner economist

    Winter wonderland: It's been a tough one for some, but these red pandas can't get enough of the snow.   A different type of internet quiz: You'll want to post this on your Facebook wall.   That dress: The internet had a meltdown and no one was immune.   House of Bricks: Sesame Street's parody of House of Cards with Frank Underwolf.   What's…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  5. Kiva Fellows Update

    Guinea Pigs - Better Served as Pets or Meals?

    Are guinea pigs better served as pets or meals?  This is one question I never thought I would have the opportunity to answer.   It was a sunny Tuesday here in Ecuador and the loan officers and I were headed to go meet with a Kiva borrower to discuss how her business of raising chickens was doing.  Along the way, my stomach began to growl.  I expressed to the loan officers that I was hungry and…

    Posted by Cassandra Salcedo

  6. Kiva Blog Update

    35 Can't Miss Things to Do and See in New Zealand

    Here at Kiva, we are constantly trying to learn about the world around us, dreaming about visiting new places, meeting new people and trying new things. We know that you, as Kiva lenders, share a lot of the same interests, which is why we started a series featuring some of the top can't miss things to do and see in countries around the world.  Our next spotlight is on New Zealand. We asked…

    Posted by Brianna Gillease

  7. Kiva Blog Update

    Cool New Partners: Support Women in Francophone Africa and Students in the Philippines

    Réseau de Micro-institutions de Croissance de Revenus (RMCR) Mali Supporting women entrepreneurs in francophone Africa Who are they?  Réseau de Micro-institutions de Croissance de Revenus is a French NGO that provides microloans to underserved communities in rural Mali. It focuses on making financial services available to women borrowers and fostering an entrepreneurial culture in order to…

    Posted by Brianna Gillease

  8. Kiva Fellows Update

    There's Something About Munara...

    It is a delight to meet Munara. She is 60 years old, chatty and bubbly, ever ready to pose for photos and talk about her family and farm. Her personality seems to rub off on her family, both her sons, Tolon and Bakyt, also have warm personalities. They ask many questions about Kiva and the Internet. Her husband, Abakir, is more quiet, but is still very eager to put on his best fur hat to…

    Posted by Wui Wui Yu

  9. Kiva Blog Update

    Links We Like: How to say 'I love you' with 31 languages, maps and space

    Share the love: 31 people say 'I love you' in their native languages.   Tips and tricks: Kiva food experts spill their best hacks.   How to REALLY pronounce that place: Important notes for globetrotters.   Your new beachfront property: What major cities could look like with rising seas and clever naming.   Deep space sounds: This is what…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  10. Kiva Fellows Update

    Danni's Secret Recipe from Ecuador

    Danni cooking and preparing for her day's work After venturing through hours of the greenest landscape over several hills, we finally made it to Borbon, a small city in Northern Ecuador.  Our mission was to find Danni - a Kiva borrower.  However, it wasn't as simple as one may think.  First, we had to climb down a hill into an area of several homes.  The loan officers forgot which direction…

    Posted by Cassandra Salcedo

  11. Kiva Blog Update

    What you didn’t know about food (but our borrowers do!)

    In light of Kiva’s #LoanLove Lightning Round, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge coming from our Kiva Zip food production borrowers this week! A few tips for what to eat as well as how to eat some of the delicious foods from our borrowers.      Sniff out good olive oil: Heather of Olive & Marlowe is a Kiva Zip borrower and trustee who sells artisanal olive oils and balsamic vinegars.…

    Posted by Innae Park

  12. Kiva Blog Update

    It’s a Loan Love Lightning Round!

    Let’s make Valentine’s Day truly sweet for Kiva borrowers around the world! You are invited to participate in Kiva’s Loan Love Lightning Round, a flash fund to help support our food producing and vending borrowers. Our goal is to fund 1,400 food businesses by February 14!   Food producers and vendors help support their families and communities in many ways that range from managing…

    Posted by Beverly Chan

  13. Kiva Blog Update

    10 Tips for Globetrotting with Kids & Teaching them to Love Travel

    When you travel with children you experience things in a whole different way. Challenge yourself to slow down, explore, wonder and go with the flow. Challenge your family to learn and try new things. Most of all have fun! Here are a few tips to help you and your little ones get the most out of your trip. Read the full post at Medium> Photo by Flickr user Bud Ellison

    Posted by Margo Brookfield

  14. Kiva Fellows Update

    Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Guatemala

    I have had the opportunity to visit 4 women entrepreneurs of Fundación Namaste Guatemaya to see in practice how our field partner helps make Guatemalan women entrepreneurs be successful in their business. The women I visited are part of the Namaste Business Development Program. Namaste does not only disburse the loan but also provides education and mentorship during the nine month loan cycle. A…

    Posted by Bas Bouwman

  15. Partner Update

    Field Partner Update

    Salam, Necesan? Greetings from Azerbaijan. My name is Vince and I’m a Kiva fellow currently working in Azerbaijan. I’ve spent the last 3 months traveling with the Komak Credit Union and since you’ve made a loan to a Kiva borrower at Komak Credit Union I wanted to share some stories from the field. Komak, which means ‘help’ in Azeri, was one of the first Credit Unions set up in the country.…

    Posted by Kimmy Bettinger

  16. Kiva Blog Update

    Welcome KF26!

    Flash back to 8:30 on Monday morning: Brace yourself, that hot coffee in your hand is about to become useless. Behind the Kiva doors lies the reason why: our newest fellows class, the 26th(!!!) Kiva has sent into the field, has descended on our headquarters in San Francisco for a week of training.    Last week was, simply put, a whirlwind. We welcomed 34 new fellows to the Kiva family…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  17. Kiva Blog Update

    A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way!

    “I feel like a millionaire everyday…" - Nestor "I couldn’t have done this without Kiva Zip." - Mechele "Seeing people contribute from all over the world is so cool…These loans really do change lives.” - Kathryn Those are just a few of the Kiva Zip borrowers who want to thank you for your support. You believed in someone’s dream and abilities, assisted in strengthening the…

    Posted by Regina Sarnicola

  18. Kiva Blog Update

    Links We Like: 10 year-old hero, the stars and Bill Gates's reading list

    Out of this world beautiful: Take a tour of the most detailed photo of space, ever.   Trending: The history of poverty, told by data, is looking up.   Young hero: 10-year-old girl honored for her quick thinking and superb sign language skills.   A new lease on life: Old subway cars find a new purpose under the sea.   Whatcha reading?…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  19. Kiva Blog Update

    Why a Porta Potty Matters for School Attendance

    Check out our latest post on Medium and see how Kiva borrower Jackline is creating an environment that encourages all her students to stay in school. 

    Posted by Talea Miller

  20. Kiva Blog Update

    Kiva Community Raises $153k to Honor Inspiring Teacher

    Biba, her class, and all of us at Kiva were blown away by the response to Biba's story of perseverance and spirit during a difficult battle with brain cancer. Nearly 3,700 lenders made a loan in Biba’s honor, raising $153,000 in loans for people around the world. Simply incredible. Below is a thank you letter to lenders from Biba, who also shares the story of her inspirational students:…

    Posted by Talea Miller