Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Dr. Bronner's and Kiva Partner to Support Small-Scale Farmers in Ghana

Kiva and Dr. Bronner's, the family-owned company that makes the most popular brand of natural soap in North America, are kicking off an exciting new partnership called Seedlings for Small Farmers! Starting April 23, Kiva will crowdfund 0% interest loans to support smallholder farmers in Ghana who grow certified organic and fair trade oil palm  used in Dr. Bronner’s soap. And, for a limited ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Toya’s Dream: To overcome tragedy with beauty

“While I was repairing my inner self I was able to at least look better, and that made me…regain my confidence," says Toya. Read her story at Kiva's Medium page>

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Lourdes’s Dream: To show the world a woman’s worth

“I’m going to show his father that I’m worth more as a woman, that I don’t need a man at my side," said Lourdes. "And I’m going to prove it to my family as well who criticized me so much.” This story is part of Kiva’s Dreams are Created Equal series. For the next month, we’ll be sharing stories of Kiva borrowers’ dreams and how they’re working towards achieving them. The fir ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Pamela’s Dream: Creating hope for HIV-positive women

Pamela is a woman whose smile radiates confidence and joy. After the single mother found out she was HIV positive in 1999, that confidence was tested to the limits. But she was determined to continue to be a pillar of strength for her family and her community. Read her full story at Kiva's Medium page>

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Mukula’s Dream: A better future for her boys

Like many women in India, Mukula was a child bride. Now she runs a weaving business with 2 employees out of the workshop in her home. Read her story here>

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  1. Partner Update

    An update from Kenya

    Dear lender, Thank you for your continued support as we reflect on yet another successful planting season here in Kenya, at Kiva Field Partner Komaza. During the October 2014 rainy season, we planted 110,000 trees with 500 farmers in the Kenyan drylands! The farmers are very excited by the partnership opportunities with Komaza, which will earn their families an environmentally-sustainable…

    Posted by Talea Miller

  2. Kiva Fellows Update

    From CA to CO - The Difference of a Letter

    Photo Cred: Central Wesleyan Church A letter can’t make that much of a difference in the overall scheme of things…right? I mean, how much lost in translation really is there from adding a letter (neighbor v. neighbour – you may just sound that much more sophisticated with the latter, but that’s about it), subtracting a letter (foregoing v. forgoing – you’ve either already passed the thing by…

    Posted by Shannon Kossick

  3. Kiva Blog Update

    Links We Like: See-through solar panels have us cheering, plus other great stories this week

    Go green: Clear solar energy panels put a new spin on windows.   Tips & tricks: Impress your friends and family with these tips for better travel photos. City skies: 8 in 10 have never seen the Milky Way, this is what they're missing. Beautiful moment: At 102, Alice Barker sees films of her younger self dancing during the Harlem Renaissance. A…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  4. Partner Update

    An update from Armenia

    The letter and story below was written for you by the Deputy of the CEO at SEF International, one of Kiva's Field Partners in Armenia. The organization truly appreciates your support and hopes you will continue lending to Armenian borrowers on Kiva. Dear lender, On behalf of beneficiaries in Armenia receiving your funds through Kiva and the team at SEF International, a Kiva local partner owned…

    Posted by Talea Miller

  5. Kiva Blog Update

    Fashion Revolution Day: Who made my clothes?

    On April 24, 2013, more than 1,100 garment workers were killed and 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory building collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Even though there were fears the building would collapse, garment workers were pressured to remain at work under threat of 1 month’s lost pay. The disaster in Dhaka brought new awareness about the terrible working conditions for…

    Posted by Brianna Gillease

  6. Kiva Fellows Update

    It Takes a Village

    Last Friday, I was invited to the community assembly in La Suiza, Costa Rica. This assembly takes place every two years to vote for the Credit Committee’s Board of Directors. A credit committee is similar to a village bank in that it is responsible for assessing and approving loan requests, disbursing loans to borrowers, collecting loan payments, documenting all credit requests and exchanges,…

    Posted by Kelly Diggins

  7. Kiva Fellows Update

    The Garissa Attack - What It Means For My Time in Kenya

    It was early Thursday morning, and I was in Kibera on a borrower visit with one of our trustees and two other Fellows. It was around 10AM when I take out my phone to check the time. I see a text from my sister asking if I know anyone in Garissa. Garissa? Why would she be asking me about a random city in Kenya? I shut my phone thinking I’ll respond later so I can focus on the visit. About two…

    Posted by Vinayak Reddy

  8. Kiva Fellows Update

    A Glimpse Inside the Life of an Empowered Borrower

    During one of my routine field visits, I had the pleasure of meeting an incredible woman.  Pascaline, a very confident and friendly woman, welcomed me with wide open arms and made me feel very comfortable. Shortly after my arrival, we got seated and she started narrating her story with overwhelming pride on her face.  She gave me a brief description of how she started her home-based enterprise…

    Posted by Aminatou Diallo

  9. Kiva Blog Update

    How to Take Better Travel Photos

    We all want to come back from our trips with amazing photos that capture the spirit and scale of the places we visit. Follow these tips to get better results>

    Posted by Talea Miller

  10. Kiva Blog Update

    Dr. Bronner's and Kiva Partner to Support Small-Scale Farmers in Ghana

    Kiva and Dr. Bronner's, the family-owned company that makes the most popular brand of natural soap in North America, are kicking off an exciting new partnership called Seedlings for Small Farmers! Starting April 23, Kiva will crowdfund 0% interest loans to support smallholder farmers in Ghana who grow certified organic and fair trade oil palm  used in Dr. Bronner’s soap. And, for a limited…

    Posted by Brianna Gillease

  11. Partner Update

    An update from Ecuador

    Dear Kiva lender, As a Kiva Fellow stationed in Ecuador, I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with VisionFund Ecuador for the past 5 weeks. Throughout my time there, I have learned about many of the accomplishments that the organization has achieved in the past year. If you’d like to support another VisionFund borrower through Kiva you can make a loan here. VisionFund Ecuador has a…

    Posted by Talea Miller

  12. Kiva Fellows Update

    Laundry Day in a Water Shortage

    Who likes laundry day? Not me. Doing laundry can be a hassle, but eventually it becomes unavoidable. After wearing the same clothes for far too long, this week it was time for me to break out the buckets.  Laundry supplies. Detergent not pictured. Doing laundry in Imphal has taught me the value of something very basic, water. Here, water does not come to your sink through municipal pipes.…

    Posted by Darcey Tindall

  13. Kiva Fellows Update

    Rebuilding After Osh Conflict: 5 Years On

    As I walk through the lively and crowded central market in Osh city, soaking in the sound and smell, it is hard to believe that just five years ago many parts of this market were destroyed and burnt down during the ethnic conflict in June 2010. Osh city, located in southern Kyrgystan, is the second largest city in the country after Bishkek, the capital. The impact of the 2010 conflict is…

    Posted by Wui Wui Yu

  14. Partner Update

    An update from Samoa

    Dear Lenders, My name is Nelly Martin, and for the past 7 weeks I have lived in Samoa to work with Kiva’s Field Partner, South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) as a Kiva Fellow. SPBD is a network of microfinance organisations working in the South Pacific dedicated to eradicating poverty by offering micro-loans to women for small businesses, to conduct housing improvements and cover education…

    Posted by Nelly Martin

  15. Kiva Fellows Update

    Start-ups in rural Tajikistan

    “Start-ups” is currently a big buzz word all across the developed world – from San Francisco to Istanbul to Singapore, aspiring entrepreneurs are having a go at starting their next company hoping to make it big one day. Here in Tajikistan, there is also a wave of start-ups being created, driven by women who dream of creating a better life for their families.   In a small district outside the…

    Posted by Terence Yeo

  16. Kiva Blog Update

    Kiva U: High School Partners with Neighboring Kiva Zip Borrowers

    The students at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory are taking their education into their own hands. An avid group of Kiva supporters from the school are reaching out to Kiva borrowers in their hometown of San Francisco to learn more about the impact of microfinance. Abi Basch is a social sciences teacher and Kiva U leader at Sacred Heart. Last year at the Kiva U Summit in San Francisco, Abi…

    Posted by Brianna Gillease

  17. Kiva Fellows Update

    You CAN Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too!

    Julia in her bakery Meet Julia - a 46 year old woman with 4 children who lives in the Cupiche province of Peru. Growing up, she always loved eating her mother's cakes and helping her bake. When Julia worked as a domestic mother in the past, she started to practice her mother's craft by baking and reading cookbooks. As her passion for baking grew, she decided to study Bakery at a local…

    Posted by Cassandra Salcedo

  18. Kiva Fellows Update

    The Biggest Little Hardware Store in Luwera, Uganda

    In order to visit Collins and his hardware supply business, we had to travel one of Uganda’s famously poor roads, suitable for travel only by SUV.  Most don’t have that luxury and neither did we.  The dirt road stretched for twenty never ending kilometers of potholes, trenches and dust clouds that left silt on our shirts though the car’s open window in the searing heat.   Collin’s loan…

    Posted by Sheryl Onopchenko

  19. Kiva Blog Update

    Links We Like: Internet for all, choosing beautiful and more

    Mother of invention: A Kiva borrower helping the homeless with recyclable, origami-inspired temporary shelters.   Surf's up: These girls in Bangladesh learn to hang ten while practicing their English skills.   Made in Kenya, assembled in America: This new device provides internet in even the most remote places, anytime.   Spoiler alert: Just like…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  20. Partner Update

    An update from Kenya

    Dear lender, You’re receiving this update because you made a loan to a farmer through Kiva’s Field Partner One Acre Fund. This partner wanted to share a little more background on the importance and impact of their loans funded on Kiva in the message below. If you’d like another opportunity to support a One Acre Fund farming group click here. About 70% of the world’s poor depend on agriculture…

    Posted by Talea Miller