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Kiva Blog Update,

Our Hearts are with Nepal

Photo by Flickr user Oliver Whiteside On April 25, the most devastating earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years claimed the lives of thousands of people and destroyed homes and cultural sites. The Kiva community’s thoughts are with the people of Nepal and all the families that have been affected by this tragedy. Kiva reached out to our two partners in Nepal, Patan Business and Professional Wome ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Dr. Bronner's and Kiva Partner to Support Small-Scale Farmers in Ghana

Kiva and Dr. Bronner's, the family-owned company that makes the most popular brand of natural soap in North America, are kicking off an exciting new partnership called Seedlings for Small Farmers! Starting April 23, Kiva will crowdfund 0% interest loans to support smallholder farmers in Ghana who grow certified organic and fair trade oil palm  used in Dr. Bronner’s soap. And, for a limited ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Lourdes’s Dream: To show the world a woman’s worth

“I’m going to show his father that I’m worth more as a woman, that I don’t need a man at my side," said Lourdes. "And I’m going to prove it to my family as well who criticized me so much.” This story is part of Kiva’s Dreams are Created Equal series. For the next month, we’ll be sharing stories of Kiva borrowers’ dreams and how they’re working towards achieving them. The fir ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Pamela’s Dream: Creating hope for HIV-positive women

Pamela is a woman whose smile radiates confidence and joy. After the single mother found out she was HIV positive in 1999, that confidence was tested to the limits. But she was determined to continue to be a pillar of strength for her family and her community. Read her full story at Kiva's Medium page>

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Mukula’s Dream: A better future for her boys

Like many women in India, Mukula was a child bride. Now she runs a weaving business with 2 employees out of the workshop in her home. Read her story here>

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Toya’s Dream: To overcome tragedy with beauty

“While I was repairing my inner self I was able to at least look better, and that made me…regain my confidence," says Toya. Read her story at Kiva's Medium page>

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  1. Kiva Blog Update

    Amazing Photos of Shell Money in the Solomon Islands

    Shell money is a traditional form of currency that was used in the Solomon Islands before bank notes were introduced. Some provinces still use shell money today, primarily for ceremonies, settling disputes, and bridal and land payments. It is beautifully crafted from seashells, often consisting of strings of differently colored shell-beads. Visit Kiva's Medium page to see how it's made!

    Posted by Nelly Martin

  2. Kiva Fellows Update

    Going Against the Current: A Inspiring Story of High Impact Water Lending in Bolivia

    When you think of Kiva and microfinance in general, you might picture individual entrepreneurs improving their businesses or families accessing credit for pressing everyday needs. While these types of loans are very important, one of the things that sets Kiva apart from other microfinance organizations its dedication to supporting innovation to discover new, high impact loan products. In my…

    Posted by Katherine Leonetti

  3. Kiva Blog Update

    Introducing a New Member of the Kiva Team, CEO Martin Tschopp

    We are honored to announce a new member of our team, Martin Tschopp, as CEO of Kiva.  As co-lead with Kiva’s President and Co-founder, Premal Shah, Martin brings a skillset that will help Kiva grow our reach, maximize social impact and leverage technology in strategic new ways.  Martin comes to Kiva after 12 years with eBay, most recently as the Vice President and General Manager of eBay…

    Posted by Talea Miller

  4. Kiva Fellows Update

    Solar Loans in the Solomons

    According to a World Bank press release published in 2014, the Solomon Islands has one of the lowest rates of electricity access in the world and some of the highest electricity prices. In rural areas, where most of the population lives, only about 6% of households are connected to the electricity grid (World Bank, 2014). I just spent the last four weeks of my Kiva Fellowship in the Solomon…

    Posted by Nelly Martin

  5. Kiva Blog Update

    Links We Like: Improving our everyday lives

    Amazing insider: Everyday life in Somalia. Shout out: President Obama sends some #KivaLove. Beating the odds: Solar bike path test performs better than anticipated.   Have a laugh: Top 10 design flaws of the human body.   Brain buster: Minimalist posters to help with hard vocab.  

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  6. Partner Update

    An update from Nigeria

    Dear Kiva lender, You are receiving this email because you made a loan to a borrower in Nigeria through Kiva’s Field Partner Babban Gona. The following update comes from our Field Partner, if you'd like to make another loan to a Babban Gona farmer you can do that here> In the 2014 season, Kiva loans helped to support 1,665 Babban Gona farmer-members within 412 franchises, or Trust Groups. Kiva…

    Posted by Brianna Gillease

  7. Kiva Blog Update

    Traveling the World one Translation at a Time

    Kiva’s loans come in all shapes, sizes and languages. Lucky for us, there’s a team of hard- working multilingual volunteers on Kiva’s Review and Translation (RTP) team who make it possible for us to get these loans onto the site! Kiva partners operate in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian) and we rely on an enormous network of volunteers to help review and…

    Posted by Beverly Chan

  8. Kiva Fellows Update

    I Am The Wolverine

    Conducting Borrower Verifications is one of the main responsibilities for many Kiva Fellows. A BV is essentially an audit of a borrower to ensure that they're a real person using their Kiva loan for its stated purpose and to assess its impact on their life. Needless to say, there's quite a few adventures to be had while spending three weeks on the road to do twenty BVs in Western Kenya. The…

    Posted by Tony Chow

  9. Kiva Fellows Update

    Baked in El Salvador

    Blanca with bakery in the background As the CrediCampo staff and myself walked up to Blanca’s house, we were hit with the aroma of freshly baked bread and cookies. From the outside it looked like a normal Salvadoran home, but inside was a fully operating bakery with a very motherly and warm 61-year old woman at the helm. But life wasn’t always this sweet for Blanca. She had to forgo school as a…

    Posted by Hector Ramos

  10. Kiva Fellows Update

    Gorillas Need Loans Too

     Meet Jane, a young mother whom I recently hired as a porter in Southwestern Uganda.  The duties of a porter in Bwindi’s Impenetrable Forest are not unlike those of a Sherpa in the Himalayas, except instead of climbing mountains, they are tracking jungle animals.   Jane and I had a long and arduous day ahead as we set out with a team to pursue a family of Mountain Gorillas.  The goal was to find…

    Posted by Sheryl Onopchenko

  11. Kiva Blog Update

    Mothers who inspire us every day!

    There are few things as universal as a mother’s love. Kiva loans support a hugely diverse range of borrowers, hailing from over 80 different countries, but one thing remains a constant: the touching stories we hear of mothers putting the well-being and education of their children above all else. Although we all have plenty of reasons to call our mom or send her a card this Mother's Day, here…

    Posted by Lana Radosavljevic

  12. Kiva Fellows Update

    Shell Money in the Solomon Islands

    I love collecting seashells. Even if I don’t plan on looking for them, I rarely manage to walk along a beach without picking up a few pieces along the way. So when I arrived in the Solomon Islands and heard about “shell money”, I immediately wanted to learn more. When I subsequently found out that one of the Kiva borrowers in the Solomon Islands makes shell money, I knew I would have to try to…

    Posted by Nelly Martin

  13. Partner Update

    An Update from Kyrgyzstan: Providing Continuous Access to Funding

    Dear Kiva lenders, Hello from Kyrgyzstan, a land of beautiful mountains and rivers! I’ve spent the last two months here working with Kiva’s Field Partner, Bai Tushum Bank. As you have made a loan to borrowers of Bai Tushum Bank on Kiva, I want to share some stories from the field. If you’d like to make another loan, you can do that here. I had the opportunity to visit small businesses in six…

    Posted by Talea Miller

  14. Kiva Blog Update

    Cool New Partners: Supporting Students in Zambia and Kenya & Smallholder Farmers in Ghana

    iSchool Zambia Zambia Revolutionizing education in Zambia Who are they? iSchool Zambia is a social enterprise working to change the education system in Zambia. The company has copied the entire Zambian primary school curriculum (in English and the 7 local languages) on Android tablets they call Zeupads. iSchool's goal is to change the Zambian education system from one of rote memorization to…

    Posted by Brianna Gillease

  15. Kiva Fellows Update

    Cows on the Range = Gas for the Range

    María Isabel has lived on her farm for fifteen years. Before that, she lived in the capital, San José. It was a hard life trying to earn a living when she didn’t complete school. But on her farm, María Isabel has been able to thrive. Cows on the Range María Isabel owns nine dairy cows and milks them every day. Then, twice a day she makes cheese and sour cream. María Isabel has many clients in…

    Posted by Kelly Diggins

  16. Kiva Fellows Update

    Leading the Charge to Empower Women in Afghanistan

    I recently had the pleasure to speak with Rangina, a current Kiva borrower and the founder of Kandahar Treasure, an artisan organization established in 2003 and based in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Rangina is a member of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise (, a Kiva Field Partner which works with artisan groups globally to help them access needed financing and…

    Posted by Erin Tochen

  17. Kiva Fellows Update

    The middleman: an unsung hero

    Los Pinos Monquecagua Group in their potato field As a Kiva Fellow working in Honduras, I have had the opportunity to visit an array of impressive borrowers, a large number of whom are smallholder farmers. Although their stories are inspiring, a common theme many have shared with me is the adverse impact of the middleman. Locally referred to as an “intermediary” or “coyote,” the middleman will…

    Posted by Christopher Jetter

  18. Kiva Fellows Update

    Palestinian Women: Runners, Mothers and Breadwinners

    On March 27th, I ran the Palestine “Right to Movement” Marathon with 2,000+ other runners through the old city of Bethlehem in the West Bank.  Despite my fatigue, I was delighted to learn that female participation is a whopping 39%.  In fact, the winner of the women’s 10k, Nisreen Fawagrah, who finished only about 4 minutes after the male winner, is Palestinian. At Faten, (Palestine for Credit…

    Posted by Rachel Moore

  19. Kiva Fellows Update

    3 Kiva Zip Farmers Take on 3 New York City Slickers

    Born and raised in Westchester County, NY, which my NYC friends refer to as “Upstate”, you may be surprised to hear I’d never been on a farm before. Fortunately, Kiva Zip gave me the chance to change that with a two-day farm tour. I hop into a Zip car in downtown Manhattan, with a dream and my farm-friendly boots. With Katherine driving, Ushma coordinating the trip, and myself navigating (and…

    Posted by Emily Gutman

  20. Kiva Fellows Update

    Vietnam: 40 Years After Reunification

    A man overlooks the crowd gathering to watch the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition on the Han River on April 29, 2015.It's April 30, 2015, or 40 years to the day since the Vietnam war ended. If you didn't already know, you might not guess it walking the streets of Da Nang, Vietnam's central hub and quickly developing showcase city. Aside from the national flags lining the pavement and…

    Posted by Kari Derenzi