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Kiva Blog Update,

Change is in Your Hands: Grameen-Jameel And Kiva Support Entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa

Women and youth in the Middle East are pushing boundaries, creating their own opportunities and taking control of their futures. They are the seeds of positive change and you can be a part of their stories through the new Grameen-Jameel Microfinance Ltd. and Kiva campaign, “Change is in Your Hands.” The campaign allows people around the world to go on Kiva and, with as little as a $25, offe ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Haiti Rising: Record Loan Backed by Muhammad Yunus Will Create 300 Quality Jobs

In 2010, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake that weakened the economy and left half the population without employment. More than four years later, Haiti continues to rebuild and jobs remain scarce. Now you can play a role in creating sustainable, long-term recovery in Haiti through Kiva. Kiva and Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus are teaming up with Kreyòl Essence, a social business, to cre ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

The Coolest Part of Kiva You Might Not Know About

Imagine a world where you make a loan on Kiva, our Field Partners distribute that loan to the most vulnerable communities, and then take the next step to address other holistic needs of the community, like health and access to financial education.   Luckily we don’t have to imagine it. Because when you support someone on Kiva, you’re offering more than financial capital. You’re offer ...

Kiva Fellows Update

Kiva Fellows Update,

From Soccer Pro to Sewing Pro in Sierra Leone

Tejan, proudly outside his new shop As a young man, Tejan had long dreamed of being a professional soccer player. For fifteen years, he played with one of Sierra Leone’s top teams, the first division Regent’s Olympic.  But even as a star defender and captain of his team, his earnings, essentially a portion of what was taken at the entrance gate, were seldom enough to make ends meet. In 200 ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Thousands of HP Employees Invited to Loan on Kiva Through ‘Matter to a Million’

  Kiva’s lending community has helped improve the lives of more than one million borrowers around the world in the past 8 years. Our lenders are the driving force behind Kiva’s success, so it’s with great enthusiasm that we welcome new faces into that family through an exciting partnership with the HP Company Foundation.    Beginning February 25, each of HP’s thousands of ...

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  1. Kiva Fellows Update

    The Art of Waiting in Kenya

    Village view from a matatu As I approach the matatu stage I feel a bout of irritation.  Completely empty.  I am the first passenger to arrive, which undoubtedly means waiting for an indefinite amount of time until it is full and ready to head out.  I quickly text the Kiva borrower I am to visit to tell her I may be late.  Having been in this situation many times before, she messages me back with…

    Posted by Traci Yoshiyama

  2. Kiva Blog Update

    Links We Liked: Excitement for the future, treasures from the past and something you can do right now to help save the planet

    Our staff's must-reads of the week: Captain Planet recommends: They may not be pretty, but these unusual fruits and veggies are taking a bite out of food waste   Stop and smell the roses: Life is about the journey, this algorithm finds the most beautiful route across a city   Gadgets we can't wait for: In the future, umbrellas tell you when it will rain   Brain…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  3. Kiva Fellows Update

    The Joys of a Mobile Loan Tool, and an Old-School Office

    On a recent trip out of Nairobi, we arrived in Eldama Ravine, a small town of around 15,000 people in Kenya's Rift Valley Province.  On our arrival we were greeted by Benson, the local loan officer for SMEP Microfinance Bank, who proudly walked us down Eldama Ravine's main street, into a building containing a general store and an education center, and up two flights of stairs to a small office…

    Posted by Steve Isaacs

  4. Kiva Fellows Update

    Kenya's Women Beekeepers

    Traditionally Kenyan women have not been in the business of beekeeping. Beehives were historically kept very high in trees requiring the beekeeper to undertake a somewhat dangerous climb in order to service or retrieve the hive. Culturally, this was not considered an activity fit for Kenyan women. Now, with modern beekeeping techniques and tools, colonized hives can be managed from the ground.…

    Posted by Erin Yamaoka

  5. Kiva Blog Update

    Kiva Magic in Sierra Leone: An Exposure Photo Story

    Kiva is now on, a cool new platform for visual storytelling that will help us share Kiva adventures and experiences from all over the world. Our very first post is from Sierra Leone and takes you inside "Kiva Magic," that special moment when Kiva borrowers get to see their Kiva profiles, and the many lenders who believe in them around the globe. Check it out!

    Posted by Kate Kleinschmidt

  6. Kiva Fellows Update

    From Designer to Refugee to Kiva Zip Borrower in Kenya

    While working on Kiva Zip operations in Kenya, I engage with Trustees (the volunteer backbone of the Kiva Zip model) every day, hearing their stories, experiences, issues, and very often-getting humble invitations to visit their borrowers. These visits are one of my favorite parts of my fellowship. This is when I get to see the impact of the Kiva Zip model on the ground.…

    Posted by Nina Patel

  7. Kiva Fellows Update

    Big Smiles in Small Town Western Uganda

    My Kiva Fellowship recently led me on a 930km trip through Western Uganda, where I visited a variety of borrowers living in rural areas. Although the journey was long and full of dust, sweat and bumpy roads, there were also many laughs, delicious foods and wonderful people along the way. The purpose of this adventure was to meet with eight borrowers scattered around the countryside so that I…

    Posted by Adam Halpert

  8. Kiva Blog Update

    Links We Liked: Cruise Missiles vs. Schools, Malala Makes Us Cry (Again) and the Origin of the Super Soaker

    Here's what we are reading (and occasionally obsessing about) at HQ this week: Must read of the week: For the price of a single Tomahawk cruise missile, it’s possible to build about 20 schools.   Smarties making moves: Meet the NASA engineer who invented the Super Soaker. That's right: NASA.   Reliving the glory: 2014 World Cup Quiz, in case you're going through withdrawal…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  9. Kiva Blog Update

    Feeling Overwhelmed? Let The Partners Help You Choose!

    Logging onto is both exciting (wow look at all these borrowers!) and a bit overwhelming (wow, look at all these borrowers.) It can be hard to know where to start, but choosing a Field Partner that shares your values and priorities is a good way to narrow down your search and start lending. Kiva partners with 264 organizations worldwide. When you lend to a borrower on, the…

    Posted by Audra Wingard

  10. Kiva Blog Update

    We did it! Amazing Million Dollar Match Day

    The Kiva community helped make history on July 10 — more than 25,000 Kiva lenders sent $2.9 million to the field, helping make a difference in 56 countries!   $1 Million Match Day was made possible by a troupe of generous donors like Google, Grameen-Jameel and Richard Brindle, who matched loans to borrowers across Kiva and Kiva Zip. So for example, when a Kiva lender gave a $50 loan,…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  11. Kiva Blog Update

    Cool New Partners: Empowering Victims of Sexual Violence, Boosting Students and Promoting Healthy Products

    We can’t wait for someone else to change the world. It’s our turn now. Kiva is teaming up with three new partners who create opportunity for all the the hard-working students, helpful neighbors, and independent women out there. These partners create the real changes we need to have a better world! Check out Kiva’s amazing new partners in Africa: LIVING GOODS Kenya and Uganda Delivers…

    Posted by Audra Wingard

  12. Kiva Fellows Update

    The Long Road to Connecting with Your Audience

    It was 8 in the morning; I was sitting in front of a group of five staff members from MicroKing’s Gokwe branch, about to start my Kiva training. Gokwe is a small town in a rural area of Zimbabwe. It takes a four-hour bus ride and a two-hour car ride (or a Kombi ride - tiny local buses that lengthen the journey by another 2 hours), which may be why they have never had a Kiva Fellow visit…

    Posted by Ayse Sabuncu

  13. Kiva Fellows Update

    "Art is...worth making. Something risky. Something human.”

    It has been just over three weeks since I started my fellowship with Kiva Zip. When I first applied to the program, I warned my family and friends that I would most likely be very “out of reach” for four months. Meaning that I would be working in a faraway place in a distant time zone- think Samoa, Togo, Bangladesh, or maybe even some country that I had barely heard of or knew very little…

    Posted by Sydnie Nicoll

  14. Kiva Fellows Update

    A Better Life in Kenya's Rift Valley, $11 at a Time

    Last week I travelled to Nakuru, a town to the northwest of Nairobi in Kenya's Rift Valley Province, about three hours away by matatu.  Matatus are the predominant mode of transport in Kenya and while they lack a few comforts - leg room, air conditioning, suspension, and any limit on the number of people that will attempt to fit inside one simultaneously - they have the benefits of being cheap,…

    Posted by Steve Isaacs

  15. Kiva Blog Update

    American Entrepreneurs Dare to Dream this Independence Day

    If you’re from the United States or live in the States, you’re likely gearing up to celebrate the Fourth of July tomorrow. After the fireworks are set off and the meat is on the BBQ, it’ll be time to reflect on what this holiday means for Americans. As many know, the day memorializes the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, over two hundred years ago. Today, and every day at Kiva, we…

    Posted by Tess Murphy

  16. Kiva Fellows Update

    Happiness Without a Smile: Facing Bell’s Palsy

    Sometimes it is better to share your challenges after they happened not while they are happening, so here it goes:   A month ago, while I was in L.A. for a work tradeshow I discovered I couldn’t smile… yes, half of my face was totally paralyzed. Thinking it was a stroke I ran to the ER where after a couple of hours and tests they diagnosed me with Bell’s Palsy.   Bell’s…

    Posted by Virginia Campo

  17. Kiva Blog Update

    Kiva Launches Pilot Study with IPA and

    We’re thrilled to announce an innovative partnership between Kiva Labs, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), and two Kiva Field Partners to evaluate the effect of product design changes on the welfare of micro-entrepreneurs and on the viability of microfinance institutions.   Through this study, Kiva aims to push the boundaries of…

    Posted by Cynthia McMurry

  18. Kiva Fellows Update

    Chicago to Nairobi

    After completing Kiva Fellows Training in San Francisco, and moving my last few possessions into storage in Chicago, it was time to make the 8000 mile journey to Nairobi and start my fellowship!  With the exception of some visa troubles at the airport in Chicago, the journey went relatively simply and smoothly; I passed the time pretty effectively with a combination of in-flight movies, coffee…

    Posted by Steve Isaacs

  19. Kiva Fellows Update

    A Resilient Kiva Zip Borrower: Esther, the 'Annapurna of Kibera Slums'

    Kiva Zip is all about human connections. Three weeks in Nairobi and I am just amazed to witness the direct impact the Kiva Zip model is having on their borrowers and the strength of this bond of trustee-borrower-lender relationships.  This week, I met a Kiva Zip borrower, Esther.  She loves and is proud of her little shop “Facebook Cereal” in TOI market area of the Kibera slum in Nairobi,…

    Posted by Nina Patel

  20. Kiva Fellows Update

    Beyond Lending, Helping Clients in Benin Learn to Save

    Over the past month, I have been working with Kiva partner Alidé in Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin. I recently visited Henriette, one of Alidé’s long-standing clients. Henriette started out selling beverages on the side of the road, eventually opening a small shop in her home. After her husband died, she needed to find a way to expand her business so that she could continue to support…

    Posted by Jennifer Turner