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Kiva Blog Update,

Top 20 Tips and Hacks to Travel Like a Kiva Pro

Photo by Flickr user Lyza Dange Kivans travel a ton, for work and for fun, so we crowdsourced the best travel hacks our staff and volunteers use on their trips around the globe. These tips will not only make your journey easier but will also give you more insight into the place you’re visiting! Check out the tips at Kiva's Medium page>

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Ebola Crisis Affecting Kiva's West African Field Partners

Freetown, Sierra Leone More than 3,000 cases and 1,550 deaths have been reported so far in the Ebola outbreak devastating West Africa. Two countries where Kiva works, Liberia and Sierra Leone, are among the hardest hit and have both declared a national state of emergency.   In addition to the devastating loss of life in affected communities, the epidemic is having a serious negative impact ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

35 Can't Miss Things to Do, See, Eat & Drink in South Africa

At Kiva HQ we are passionate about travel, as are many Kiva lenders. We decided to crowd-source our best travel advice, starting with South Africa. For anyone who has visited South Africa this list will bring back some happy memories, and if you've never been this list might have you booking a ticket soon. Enjoy and please add your own recommendations in the comments! To See: 1. Relive history a ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Kiva U Celebrates First Year Milestones!

Thank you for making this an incredible first year for Kiva U, Kiva’s student and teacher program! When Citi and Kiva launched the Kiva U initiative in September of 2013, we had no idea what to expect. We hoped that if we created and shared useful and compelling content and resources, we could help students and teachers learn about poverty, microfinance, entrepreneurship and sustainabili ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

We Believe: 8 Tenets Kiva Lives By

We are constantly inspired by the Kiva community–a community that includes more than 2.5 million lenders and borrowers around the globe. Together, we are bound by our vision of a more connected, compassionate world. In celebration of this vision at the heart of Kiva’s work, we’re telling the world what #WeBelieve this week. Will you join us? Share your favorite #WeBelieve message below, ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Iraqi Woman Runs Prosthetic Limb Business to Serve Injured

News reports about Iraq are dominated by talk of conflict, bombings, casualties, and more conflict. But through the tragedy, there is hope. We are so inspired by the Iraqi women entrepreneurs who are taking out loans through Relief International, and are intent on bringing improvements and services to their communities regardless of the circumstances. Meet Meada. She is an incredible woman takin ...

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  1. Kiva Fellows Update

    Rethinking Women in the Middle East

    If you ask a group of people what they consider to be the most impressive part about the Middle East, they’ll likely mention something regarding its historical sites or rich cultural diversity.  While both factors are obviously worthy of mention, what continues to inspire me about this region is something far more valuable: its women. This might come as a surprise to some, given that the…

    Posted by Noura Ismail

  2. Kiva Blog Update

    Life in the Field: Teach Us Something About Your Local Food Scene

    Caroline Dorr, KF25 in Indonesia Rice is everywhere here in Bali, Indonesia! Rice (or “nasi” in Indonesian) is the staple food here and is eaten every day by almost all Indonesians. Not only is rice the staple food, but it is also a staple crop. Beautiful sprawling rice terraces make up much of the country’s landscape. The lush, green rice paddies turn to a golden yellow just before the rice…

    Posted by Margo Brookfield

  3. Kiva Fellows Update

    The Aftermath of Ferguson: Making a Road Map for Change

    Ferguson, the ‘F’ word that’s guaranteed to divide a room into defensive ideological camps along the lines of who was right, who was wrong, and how to make it better. Thanks to the barrage of media coverage since the shooting of teen Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson on August 9, the blinding national spotlight has caused St. Louis to acknowledge the ugly skeleton in our closet: racism is…

    Posted by Chelsea Dyer

  4. Kiva Fellows Update

    Shop Small, Invest Big

    This holiday season, let’s put our dollars where we want them- in the hands of the people building and shaping our communities. Kimberly from Mimik Design Co. Kiva Zip is asking YOU this week; in addition to supporting small businesses by “Shopping Small” on Saturday November 29th- we urge you to invest BIG. Invest your dollars in entrepreneurs all over the country funding loans through Kiva…

    Posted by Elizabeth Williams

  5. Kiva Fellows Update

    Microfinance at Work in the Delta Region of Myanmar

    After two months of my fellowship at the Proximity Design, now it’s time to find out how microfinance is used in practice. I went together with the Kiva HQ staff to visit Tha Pyay Kan village in Pyapon Distric which is about 75 miles south of Yangon and serves as a center for collecting rice from the surrounding agricultural areas. It took us three hours by car and another hour by boat to…

    Posted by Krittika Kaewmamuang

  6. Kiva Blog Update

    Links we like: Amazing photos, jamming tunes and an internet win

    Internet win: The internet fixes Barbie and helps encourage young girls everywhere to pursue STEM.   That's our jam: The free Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape on Google Play had us dancing around HQ. Mark your calendar: December 4th Twitter chat for mobile banking & other ICT solutions.   Out of this world: What does an astronaut's Twitter look like?…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  7. Kiva Fellows Update

    5 Essential Skills Every Kiva Fellow Needs and How To Develop Them at Home

    If you’re thinking about becoming a Kiva Fellow, there are a few invaluable skills you should develop prior to entering the field. This list has been tested and compiled based on multiple fellows’ experiences. If you can nail all five of these skills, you are on your way to becoming an excellent fellow. You’ll do Kiva proud.   1.     The ability to shower in a bucket.   The skill: It’s very…

    Posted by Annie Lydens

  8. Kiva Fellows Update

    Give a man a chance - Don't forget about supporting male borrowers!

    So we've all been there. At least I have. I'm starting up the Kiva website to go look for a new borrower to support. I might click on one of the pictures right on the homepage, because something catches my attention. A smile, an animal that snuck onto the image, a background that looks intriguing. But I'd quickly get on to the filters, and the first one I check is always the same: only show me…

    Posted by Sarah Renfer

  9. Kiva Fellows Update

    The Power of a Loan and a Business Savvy Woman.

    Mary, a role model for others in her group and town. Mary is 38 years old and mother to a 7 year old child.     In just over 2 years she has gone from selling vegetables at the roadside to being the proud owner of a hair salon with 2 employees, and has plans to open another shop in the near future.   “I always wanted a hairdressing salon.  At first, whilst still selling…

    Posted by Susan Lee

  10. Kiva Blog Update

    Share One Lesson You've Learned Recently

    Duen Krittika, KF25 in Myanmar I learned that most of the farmers in Delta area in Myanmar, they have a duck farm for their second income. They buy baby ducks, raise them and sell the eggs. I want to support them with Kiva loan! Susan Lee, KF25 in Malawi That everyone learns at a different rate and that we should be tolerant and patient. I already knew this but sometimes life…

    Posted by Margo Brookfield

  11. Kiva Blog Update

    Cool New Partners: Supporting South Sudan, Carbon Credits & Students

    Nexus Carbon for Development Lao People’s Democratic Republic   Creating sustainable, low-carbon pathways towards poverty alleviation   Who are they? Nexus offers carbon-financing services to small and medium businesses in developing countries.  Nexus has committed to provide clean energy to 20 million people in developing countries and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10 million tons CO2eq…

    Posted by Kimmy Bettinger

  12. Kiva Blog Update

    36 Hours in Detroit with Kiva Zip

    Take a tour through Detroit with Kiva Zip and see this beautiful city through some of the local businesses that give it character and charm at every corner!  

    Posted by Margo Brookfield

  13. Kiva Fellows Update

    Expect the Unexpected

    An open stretch of road outside of town We've all heard this many a time and every time the unexpected occurs, it catches us by surprise. We feel like we've lost a bit of control (if only for a short moment) because we were so meticulous about our planning and we wonder how we could of found ourselves in such a situation.  This is especially true when you're on the road; sometimes the…

    Posted by Vardah Malik

  14. Kiva Blog Update

    Amani: Artist, Businesswoman, Refugee

         Amani is an independent female artist.  She has been working in the pottery business for two years buying plain pots and vases, decorating them, and then reselling them. She lives in Baqaa, a Palestinian refugee camp, and tells me its hard selling her goods in that area because the people there are very poor. Instead, she sells her work to stores in nearby Amman.      Amani’s Kiva loan was…

    Posted by Nadia Al-Absy

  15. Kiva Fellows Update

    Roadtripping in Timor-Leste

    I’ve been on quite a few roadtrips in my life, but this past month in Timor-Leste I embarked on the ultimate roadtripping adventure, complete with dusty dirt roads, winding seaside cliffs, steep rocky mountains, new friends picked up along the way, overnights in obscure places, a five-song Bob Marley playlist, and many, many unexpected road blocks. The route was designed with one mission in…

    Posted by Caroline Dorr

  16. Kiva Blog Update

    Life in the Field: Things That Made Us Smile Part 2

    There were too many posts from our fellows in the field to choose from, so we had to double up and share some more with you this week! Caroline Dorr, KF25 in Timor-Leste I was so happy to find this little coffee shop here in Timor-Leste! Although many farmers grow coffee here, most Timorese coffee beans are exported and roasted abroad. It can actually be pretty difficult to find a…

    Posted by Margo Brookfield

  17. Kiva Blog Update

    An Update on Kiva Partners Affected by the Ebola Epidemic

    The Ebola epidemic continues to have a widespread human and economic toll in West Africa. More than 4,900 people have died and fear of the disease continues to hamper economic activity.   Kiva’s Field Partners in Sierra Leone and Liberia have been affected in many ways. Some have had to close branches and shutdown operations temporarily. Tragically, all our partners in the regions…

    Posted by Claire Markham

  18. Kiva Fellows Update

    Nerdfighters, Hiddlestoners, and Detroiters: UNITE!

    "Balloon Flower" by Koons There are two very fun parts about my Kiva fellowship: working in NYC and interacting with Kiva lenders about Accion East clients. "Red Cube" by Noguchi I have been a Kiva lender since 2011, but it wasn’t until I joined Accion East as a fellow that I started participating in Kiva lending teams. When an Accion East staff member asked me what a lending team was, I said…

    Posted by Rashmi Khare

  19. Kiva Fellows Update

    A small business is a small business is a small business...

    Statue of Liberty Kiva lenders make loans to individuals seeking to improve their business. They support expanding access to capital for these entrepreneurs. Most people know Kiva for its work across the globe – but did you know that includes the US? Kiva works with US-based microfinance institutions to address the lack of access to capital small businesses face around the world. In the US, we…

    Posted by Rashmi Khare