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Kiva Blog Update,

Top 20 Tips and Hacks to Travel Like a Kiva Pro

Photo by Flickr user Lyza Dange Kivans travel a ton, for work and for fun, so we crowdsourced the best travel hacks our staff and volunteers use on their trips around the globe. These tips will not only make your journey easier but will also give you more insight into the place you’re visiting! Check out the tips at Kiva's Medium page>

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Ebola Crisis Affecting Kiva's West African Field Partners

Freetown, Sierra Leone More than 3,000 cases and 1,550 deaths have been reported so far in the Ebola outbreak devastating West Africa. Two countries where Kiva works, Liberia and Sierra Leone, are among the hardest hit and have both declared a national state of emergency.   In addition to the devastating loss of life in affected communities, the epidemic is having a serious negative impact ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

35 Can't Miss Things to Do, See, Eat & Drink in South Africa

At Kiva HQ we are passionate about travel, as are many Kiva lenders. We decided to crowd-source our best travel advice, starting with South Africa. For anyone who has visited South Africa this list will bring back some happy memories, and if you've never been this list might have you booking a ticket soon. Enjoy and please add your own recommendations in the comments! To See: 1. Relive history a ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Kiva U Celebrates First Year Milestones!

Thank you for making this an incredible first year for Kiva U, Kiva’s student and teacher program! When Citi and Kiva launched the Kiva U initiative in September of 2013, we had no idea what to expect. We hoped that if we created and shared useful and compelling content and resources, we could help students and teachers learn about poverty, microfinance, entrepreneurship and sustainabili ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

We Believe: 8 Tenets Kiva Lives By

We are constantly inspired by the Kiva community–a community that includes more than 2.5 million lenders and borrowers around the globe. Together, we are bound by our vision of a more connected, compassionate world. In celebration of this vision at the heart of Kiva’s work, we’re telling the world what #WeBelieve this week. Will you join us? Share your favorite #WeBelieve message below, ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Iraqi Woman Runs Prosthetic Limb Business to Serve Injured

News reports about Iraq are dominated by talk of conflict, bombings, casualties, and more conflict. But through the tragedy, there is hope. We are so inspired by the Iraqi women entrepreneurs who are taking out loans through Relief International, and are intent on bringing improvements and services to their communities regardless of the circumstances. Meet Meada. She is an incredible woman takin ...

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  1. Kiva Blog Update

    Celebrate the Hard-working People All Around Us

    Niaz Patwary, KF25 in India I take great joy in introducing these hardworking movers and shakers from the fields of Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India: Sumangala. Kalavthi. Renuka. Tippava. (Clearly, each name needed a separate line and a punctuation mark to hold the positive energy they radiate!) All of these ladies are multitasking maestros - keeping the home-front…

    Posted by Margo Brookfield

  2. Kiva Blog Update

    These Dogs are Not Impressed by Our Travel Mistakes

    At Kiva HQ we love travel and we love dogs. We also make silly mistakes from time to time, so we pulled together some real-life travel blunders made by our staff and volunteers (who shall remain nameless), and threw in some cute, judgmental dogs to say what we were all thinking…check it out on our Medium page. Photo by Flickr user Ian Collins

    Posted by Talea Miller

  3. Kiva Fellows Update

    Five Things I Didn't Know About Kenya

    One of the best parts of the Kiva Fellowship is the anticipation while awaiting the location of your placement, which could be nearly anywhere Kiva loans are available. Wouldn’t it be great to stroll by the Taj Mahal on the way to work, gallop on horseback through the plains of Mongolia, or take in a sunset on a Samoan beach? Then on a beautiful July afternoon, I almost physically jumped…

    Posted by Tony Chow

  4. Partner Update

    Kiva Field Update: A message from a Kiva Fellow in Kenya

    Dear Kiva Lender, Thank you for empowering an entire community with our partner, Evidence Action. I have had the privilege of serving as a Kiva Fellow in Kenya with our field partner Evidence Action for the past two months and I’d like to share some of the reasons you should be proud of the loan you have funded on Kiva. But first, a little background on our field partner. Evidence Action is a…

    Posted by Talea Miller

  5. Partner Update

    Kiva Field Update: A Message from Interactuar in Colombia

    Dear Kiva Lenders, We at Interactuar, Kiva’s Field Partner in Colombia, would like to introduce you to Juan Pablo Angel, a Kiva borrower and owner of the Castillo de Harina (Castle of Flower) Bakery. Through the support of Kiva lenders, Juan Pablo’s bakery has become a successful business! Juan Pablo’s strong entrepreneurial thinking, coupled with his hard work, desire to continue to develop…

    Posted by Talea Miller

  6. Kiva Blog Update

    Links We Like: Great (and tasty) apes, the changing face of charity and you won't believe what this man is doing to save his home.

    Pancake apes? This dad teaches his kids about primates in a creative (and mesmerizing) manner.   New in tech: Hoverboards are real. Real. Sign us up.   Amazing feats: Would you plant a forest to save your home? This man in India is doing just that.   Culture shift: Milliennials are demanding a new kind of charity.   …

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  7. Kiva Blog Update

    Life in the Field: Ask Someone about their Happiest Moment

    Trista Li, KF25 in Chicago "Every time we sell out!" - Nate   "My happiest moment is when I realize, I am here. Because every now and then I can get caught into the day to day stuff. But it is truly precious to be able to do what you love with your best friends." - Danny   "When we sold 300 patties in 2 hours!" - Henry Niaz Patwary, KF25 in India Kavya Gowda is working as a…

    Posted by Margo Brookfield

  8. Kiva Blog Update

    Our Trip to Colombia: Making Arepas in Medellin

    By Jacob Saur and Nick Anderson We are two Kiva employees based in the Bay Area -- Jacob is a software engineer and Nick is a product manager. We wanted to share a little about the recent trip we took to Medellin to visit a Kiva partner and several Kiva borrowers. You can make another loan to inspiring borrowers across Colombia here.   From left: Kivans Jacob, Nick, Kiva Fellow David P. and…

    Posted by Nick Anderson

  9. Kiva Fellows Update

    Historic Day for Indonesia

    This past Monday, October 20th, I celebrated with tens of thousands of Indonesians in Jakarta to welcome their 7th President, Joko Widodo, or Jokowi, as he’s affectionately called. Jokowi is the first directly-elected Indonesian president who is not tied to the political or military elite dated back to the Suharto era. He rose to success from poor family background by building a furniture export…

    Posted by Irene Fung

  10. Kiva Fellows Update

    Another man's treasure: Resourcefulness in Kenya

    Resourcefulness is perhaps the most essential trait for any entrepreneur.  In Nairobi’s Kibera district, the largest slum in Africa, that trait is apparent everywhere you look.  In an environment where most residents earn no more than $2/day, resourcefulness is the means for survival, and entrepreneurship a vessel for hope.  Traveling around Nairobi, and Kibera in particular, evidence of this…

    Posted by Kunal Kothari

  11. Kiva Fellows Update

    Trust is tangible in Kiva Zip Kenya

    “What if I told you that we provide 0% interest loans for you to grow your business?” was usually the most controversial question during my speaking engagements.   “What’s the catch?” usually followed up my statement. “There is no catch, we are just trying to really outreach to entrepreneurs that need small loans and don’t have access to credit, we trust you will appreciate this loan and repay…

    Posted by Virginia Campo

  12. Kiva Blog Update

    Cool New Partners Empower Women in Asia, Serve Marginalized Communities in Mexico and Indonesia

    Wedu Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand   Unlocking the leadership potential of women in Asia   Who are they? Wedu selects women with interest in becoming change-makers in their communities and provides lifelong mentorship and affordable financial support to complete higher education.  Instead of a conventional loan, Wedu borrowers on Kiva agree to repay the financial support through a Future Income…

    Posted by Kimmy Bettinger

  13. Kiva Blog Update

    Photos from the Field

    Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Kiva Fellow? What sites do they see, what do they eat, and what is it like where they are? Kiva’s 24th class of fellows departed for their different locations around the world back in May of this year, and for many their time in the field has recently come to a close. Here are some of our favorite moments from the field to give you a taste of what these…

    Posted by Margo Brookfield

  14. Kiva Fellows Update

    120 Borrowers in 120 Minutes

    Microlending in Action As currently the only Fellow serving in West Africa, I feel quite responsible for ensuring that I do my absolute best when representing not only Kiva (#KivaLove) but also my field partner and my American homeland. (My current partner is a microfinance organization called Grameen Ghana that serves clients in the Northern Region of Ghana. It is not affiliated with the…

    Posted by Shannon Kossick

  15. Kiva Blog Update

    Links We Like: Three cheers for girls' education, autumn and the colorful world of Crayola

    Need to know: This Saturday is International Day of the Girl, here's why gender equality is still incredibly important.   Old and new: Modern architecture blending seamlessly around historical buildings.   Crayola evolution: Colorful chart depicting how diverse crayon colors have become.   Something sweet: We're not immune to fall festivities, not in the…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  16. Kiva Blog Update

    Life in the Field: Beauty in the Unexpected

    Susan Lee, KF25 in Malawi I have seen many beautiful things this week; amazing sunsets, cute children, delicious food but when I went to visit a group of villagers last week it was their 'gratitude' and sense of community that struck me as beautiful. It was something I 'felt'.   They had already been part of a successful dairy cow initiative and had been chosen for the new…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  17. Kiva Blog Update

    5 Ways Duct Tape Can Be a Trip-Saver

    Is there anything that duct tape doesn’t fix? Keep your trip intact with these duct tape solutions recommended by Kiva employees and volunteers.   1. Keep feet happy. Applying duct tape to your heels will keep blisters at bay whether you’re backpacking in Peru, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro or urban hiking through any city.   2. Smell like a spring day (or at least don’t stink).…

    Posted by Kimmy Bettinger

  18. Kiva Fellows Update

    In the City that Never Sleeps, NYC Entrepreneurs Work Harder than You

    Here we are in the BIG APPLE, a city that plays hard and works even harder. It’s been a busy first month of my fellowship and things aren’t looking to slow down anytime soon. The NYC Zip team here has set the pace – hint; it’s not slow- and I have hit the ground sprinting. Last month, Kiva Zip hosted an event in partnership with Small Business Solutions of NYC. Over 30 business professionals…

    Posted by Elizabeth Williams

  19. Kiva Fellows Update

    How to make friends and influence people...... Azeri style!

    Thoughts on my first week in Azerbaijan and working with the wonderful people at AqroInvest.  The inspirational Mr. Ayyub So finally after weeks struggling to get a visa I eventually arrive in Azerbaijan. I somehow manage to navigate the creaking Baku metro system and find my way to the AqroInvest office. But what next? Well….the people are unbelievably friendly.  It’s like one big happy…

    Posted by Vince Main