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We loan because...
We hate to see loans being left unfunded on
Kiva. Although most of these loans are
pre-funded by the Field Partners, the Field
Partners lose out on the capital if a loan
doesn't get funded on Kiva. We believe that
this will damage the Field Partners in the long
term and impair their capacity to make loans to new borrowers.

We can't save every red loan, but we try to
make a difference as in the Starfish Story:
Help us fund loans we're already supporting:

Check out Charlotte's Web:

This watchlist for loans suggested by the team members (starfish + offlist) shows:
* the current position in the popularity ranking (considering pages 1 to 5)
* the timestamp of the most recent loan
* the basket amount
Click magnifier icon for more info. Or read Charlotte’s post at @Charlotte re: #346848

We invite you to join us and make a difference, too. Please check the team board at 2 am Kiva time, 7 am Kiva time, 1 pm Kiva time and 6 pm Kiva time to coordinate lending.

See our team fund page:

About us
Alan's account of the founding of LLL is on the team board @Alan re: #260143. Loans that are nearing expiry won't get funded if they don't get noticed. We look for loans that are about to expire by using the Sort By:
"Expiring Soon" option instead of the default "Popularity", and then work to get them funded.

See our team FAQ, linked above (the "Team Website" button, next to our traffic light avatar).

A Team LLL glossary (contributed by team member Tony):

Red Loans: Loans that have less than five days to be funded, identifiable by the red box
with the notice that says "Only x days left!" or
"Only x hours and y minutes left!"

LLL - Late Loaning Lenders: this team, where
lenders work together to keep loans from

SFDD - Starfish Daily Dozen: Under current
practice, one of these lists is prepared and
posted for each day, to help LLL lenders focus
and coordinate their lending on a targeted
group of loans (the Starfish or SF). The lists
are prepared by a group of volunteers who
seek to be objective in selecting the loans to
be included in their lists. They also seek to
spread out the loans in each list over a 24 hour
period and to share the joy among the Field
Partners with loans expiring during that period,
but their efforts are always constrained by the
choice of loans that are available for inclusion
in the list. Loans with larger amounts needed
will be included in the period immediately after
each Credit Day, when lenders are feeling
flush, but the lists will become less ambitious
when the LLL lenders are feeling poor.

GG - Gorgeous Group: The SFDD list-makers have the option of adding one or two of these
loans after their SFDD lists. As the name
implies, only group loans are picked. When it is
first posted, a typical GG loan will expire two
days or more after the list is posted. It will
usually be retained as a GG until it becomes
Fully Funded or moves into Starfish range. The amount needed when the loan is selected as a GG will vary depending on the time of month.

RTR - Reduce the Red: These lists are
prepared and posted when there are large
numbers of loans slated to expire in a short
period of time, typically at the end of a calen-
dar month. "Red" is a reference to the red
boxes that are added to a loan description
when the Loan is about to expire without full

BtB - Battling the Boxes: On those days where
there aren't 12 loans that qualify as "Starfish,"
the listmakers will include BtB loans to help
focus attention on the red-boxed loans with the best chances. The criteria are similar to SF
loans, i.e., one per field partner and reasonable
amounts left to fund (not too much; not too
little). If they gain good traction on their first BtB day, they may be carried forward. If not ... they stand a second chance as SF.

Bulge: A short period in which a great many
loans have their scheduled funding expiration
times. Bulges come about primarily when a
Field Partner (FP) submits an amount of loans
to Kiva during a given month than is greater
than the FP's quota for that month. The loan
descriptions are prepared for posting by
translating the loan descriptions (if necessary)
and editing them, and they are then held to be posted at the beginning of the following month. Bulge loans are prize candidates for inclusion
in Reduce the Red lists.

FF - Fully Funded: This is LLL code for a loan
that has received all the loans required for it to be removed from the list of loans that are
fundraising and to move into repaying status.

Lars Ratio: the average funding per hour that is needed for a loan to become fully funded.
(Developed by team member Lars)

Wiedergänger (contributed by Maria) - German expression, literal translation "again walker," meaning "undead," i.e. a person that has died but comes back, aka a zombie. Here it means a loan that disappears from the page, but comes back again because somebody didn't check out their basket.

Ruma sana (contributed by Jouko and Potkukelkka) - Finnish expression, literal translation "ugly words." It is a phrase to use when you are very frustrated, but want to stop just short of actual cursing -- for example, when the Kiva site repeatedly logs you out when you are trying to rescue an expiring loan at the last second.

See data about all loans currently fundraising on Kiva:
An older version, no longer being maintained, is:

See data about loans that have been mentioned on the LLL board, including the most recent lending activity on each loan: (older version)

Lists are posted on the LLL Team message
board. Join us!

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  • M.akram
    M.akram received a loan from Laurence to buy milk in bulk for reselling.
     Only 18 hours 18 minutes left! 
    $125 to go
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  • Alvino
    Alvino received a loan from Laurence to buy fruit to sell.
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  • Tina
    Tina received a loan from Jamey to pay for a new barn for keeping livestock.
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  • Hoa's Group
    Hoa's Group received a loan from Henry to buy clothing and a sewing machine for her tailor shop.
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  • Rajaby
    Rajaby received a loan from Wendy to buy food products to broaden her assortment of goods for sale.
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  • Julian
    Julian received a loan from Laurence to change the roof sheets on his house.
     Only 5 hours 38 minutes left! 
    $700 to go
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  • Ep Kabuye Group
    The Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Ep Kabuye Group received a loan from 3 team members improve his housing conditions.
    Charity Tony Mitchell
     Only 1 hour 58 minutes left! 
    $2,175 to go
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  • Margarita Elvira
    El Salvador
    Margarita Elvira received a loan from jackie to buy galvanized laminate, rafters and purlins to continue to replace the roof of her house.
    0% repaid
  • Sohail Ahmed
    Sohail Ahmed received a loan from jackie to purchase general items for his general store.
    0% repaid
  • Veronica Haydee
    El Salvador
    Veronica Haydee received a loan from michael to buy cement and gravel and to pay workers so that she can plaster the walls and cement the floors of her home.
    0% repaid
  • Juan Esteban
    Juan Esteban received a loan from michael to buy a range of Amway-brand products and thus achieve his dream of becoming independent.
    0% repaid
  • Manuel
    Manuel received a loan from michael to do banana maintenance.
    0% repaid

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