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We loan because...
We feel an affinity for entrepreneurs that make their living by fishing, selling fish, or attempting to make their lives better because of their proximity to the ocean, or freshwater locales...

About us
We love fish and/or fishing so much that many of us have chosen to present ourselves on KIVA with a photo of ourselves, holding a fish! We welcome "gals" to join, as well, the name of the team notwithstanding...

We certainly support "sustainable" fishing, but also recognize that sometimes, our "Western" views of resource management may not match the needs of the very desperate folks, in other countries, struggling to make a living, or even providing food for their families ... Our intent is to help the struggling, without regard to their profession or trade. We believe that our lending record well represents that goal, as we are a pretty diverse group, with very diverse lending interests....


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Team Activity

  • Mariam
    Mariam received a loan from 2 team members buy more fish.
    Smudge ROGER
    $875 to go
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  • Anonymous
    El Salvador
    Anonymous received a loan from Ken to purchase fish trammels and nets.
    $1,450 to go
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  • John
    John received a loan from Rusty hire laborers to plow land and plant tomatoes.
    $175 to go
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  • Angela
    United States
    Angela received a loan from Rusty to pay for start-up costs and to purchase raw materials and inventory.
    $600 to go
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  • Upendo - Mtei Group
    Upendo - Mtei Group received a loan from 2 team members to buy sacks of charcoal, to buy fish, and to buy genge items.
    Lauren Richard
    0% repaid
  • Martha Haydee
    El Salvador
    Martha Haydee received a loan from 3 team members to purchase shrimp, a variety of fish, mollusk etc... this way she will have more products to cover her clients' needs.
    Richard Arve A. ROGER
     Only 3 days left! 
    $800 to go
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  • José Armando
    El Salvador
    José Armando received a loan from Rusty to buy to heifers to get milk.
    0% repaid
  • Ramon Elias
    Ramon Elias received a loan from ROGER to buy supplies like fish, rice, meats, among others, to capitalize his business and build his business.
     Only 3 days left! 
    $700 to go
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  • German
    German received a loan from 6 team members to buy an outboard motor for his fishing boat.
    John Arve A. Don Mark Richard Joey
     Only 1 day left! 
    $175 to go
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  • Sivigi
    Sivigi received a loan from Edith to buy a big cooler, ice, fishing gear, goggles, a spear, fishing shoes, etc.
    $700 to go
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  • Lenny Jean
    Lenny Jean received a loan from Steve to restock store with basic commodities.
    0% repaid

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