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We loan because...
We feel an affinity for entrepreneurs that make their living by fishing, selling fish, or attempting to make their lives better because of their proximity to the ocean, or freshwater locales...

About us
We love fish and/or fishing so much that many of us have chosen to present ourselves on KIVA with a photo of ourselves, holding a fish! We welcome "gals" to join, as well, the name of the team notwithstanding...

We certainly support "sustainable" fishing, but also recognize that sometimes, our "Western" views of resource management may not match the needs of the very desperate folks, in other countries, struggling to make a living, or even providing food for their families ... Our intent is to help the struggling, without regard to their profession or trade. We believe that our lending record well represents that goal, as we are a pretty diverse group, with very diverse lending interests....


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Team Activity

  • Dominggo
    Dominggo received a loan from Richard to buy a new fishing boat.
     Only 3 days left! 
    $275 to go
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  • Nieves
    Nieves received a loan from Ken to purchase additional fish to sell to her customers.
    $225 to go
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  • Shunhanda Group
    Shunhanda Group received a loan from 2 team members to buy and plant resin producing pine trees. The resin will be harvested annually, providing income for many years.
    Rusty Brian
    $37,775 to go
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  • Sandra Del Carmen
    Sandra Del Carmen received a loan from Rusty to invest in her business to maintain sales, so that she can continue to support her family through her income.
    $525 to go
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  • Agung
    Agung received a loan from Rusty to provide mobile services in his community.
     Only 1 day left! 
    $575 to go
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  • Llesh
    Llesh received a loan from Rusty to make some repairs to the family home as there are four children who cannot live in the cold.
    $400 to go
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  • Jhonny
    Jhonny received a loan from Richard to buy a newly furbished pumpboat.
     Only 3 days left! 
    $450 to go
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  • Julio
    El Salvador
    Julio received a loan from 4 team members to buy more nets to fish, hooks, and other tools.
    Don ROGER Richard Debra
     Only 1 day left! 
    $750 to go
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  • Mark Joseph
    Mark Joseph received a loan from ROGER to buy fuel for the motorcycle and a variety of fresh fish to sell.
    $475 to go
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