Kiva Card Terms and Conditions

  • A Kiva Card is a hybrid gift product with inherent built-in features that combine elements of both the ability to make a microloan and an automatic charitable donation. You understand that solely during the first 12 months following the date of purchase, the holder of the Kiva Card may redeem the Kiva Card to make a microloan via the Kiva website. Otherwise, you further understand that:

  • If no part of the Kiva Card has been redeemed after 12 months: If the holder of a Kiva Card opts not to redeem his or her Kiva Card at least in part (subject to the $25 minimum loan amount) during the 12-month period from the date of purchase, the entire unused Kiva Card automatically becomes a charitable donation to Kiva's general operating expenses in furtherance of its 501(c)(3) purposes. After the conversion to a charitable donation 12 months from the date of purchase, the Kiva Card may no longer be used to make microloans on the site.

  • If at least part of the Kiva Card has been redeemed within 12 months: If a Kiva Card is redeemed in part (e.g., $25 of a $100 Kiva Card is used to make a microloan), the remaining amount (e.g., $75) will be placed in the holder's Kiva credit and may be used as any other Kiva credit for making microloans on the site or making donations to Kiva's operating expenses, at the discretion of the holder.

  • A Kiva Card can be delivered: (1) by email from Kiva directly to the intended recipient, if the purchaser provides the recipient's valid email address to which a Kiva Card 'paper replica' attachment may be sent and may be printed from a computer; (2) by email to the purchaser, so that the purchaser may print out a hard copy of the Kiva Card 'paper replica' attachment and deliver it to the recipient; or (3) by US Postal Service mailing of a physical Kiva Card from Kiva's fulfillment partner, mailed either to the purchaser (to enable the purchaser to deliver the Kiva Card to the intended recipient) or directly to the intended recipient. If you choose the email delivery option, Kiva will send a reminder to the email address of delivery if a Kiva Card has not been redeemed at least in part within 30 days prior to the date on which a wholly unused Kiva Card will automatically convert into a donation as described above. If you choose to deliver your Kiva Card by printed hard copy or physical card delivery, you will be responsible for reminding the intended recipient to use the Kiva Card before the auto-conversion date.

  • Redemption of a Kiva Card is limited to making microloans available on the Kiva website and cannot be redeemed for other Kiva products or services, including, but not limited to, other Kiva Cards, Kiva-branded merchandise, or promotional products.

  • The purchaser of a Kiva Card is the owner of such Kiva Card until it is redeemed -- in full or in part -- by another user. If the purchaser elects, for whatever reason, to use part or all of the value of a Kiva Card (s)he purchased prior to a recipient's redemption of such Kiva Card, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to alert his or her recipient(s) that such Kiva Card is consequently no longer available to be used by the recipient.

  • Redemption of a Kiva Card by another user (i.e., someone other than the purchaser) occurs when any portion of the value of the Kiva Card is drawn upon by such user to make a microloan on Kiva. Upon such a redemption, ownership of the Kiva Card is transferred in full to that redeemer.

  • Please exercise appropriate precautions to safeguard the Kiva Card, as Kiva Cards are not refundable and no replacement credits for a particular Kiva Card can be issued once that Kiva Card has been redeemed, whether by the purchaser or another user, or if the Kiva Card is lost or otherwise is no longer unavailable to purchaser or recipient.

  • Kiva Cards that are redeemed in part (e.g. the recipient has used $50 of a $100 Kiva Card) are not transferable to other users.

  • Kiva Cards may be purchased on the Kiva Web site in the dollar amounts specified therein (minimum $25).

  • Kiva Cards must be redeemed through the Kiva Web site,

  • Kiva Cards and their use on the Kiva Web site are additionally subject to Kiva's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.