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empowered to change the world through microfinance.

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Bringing Kiva into the classroom with Kiva U.

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Are you a student or educator ready to take action? Use the links below to make a difference in your classroom / on your campus / around the world.

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Welcome to Kiva U!

This is your space. This is where it all begins. When you join a Kiva U team, you’ll connect with hundreds of other student changemakers impacting the world through microlending. Tackle complex world problems together, and change lives by helping borrowers build businesses, go to school, switch to clean energy, and more. It’s all possible — starting now. 

  I like Kiva U because it made me realize macro changes start with micro changers. Now I feel a part of a global movement to end disparity.

Kristina Campos, Student, City College of San Francisco

Making a difference is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Join a team

Join forces with other inspired students to have conversations, share ideas and mobilize.


Gear up

On our Kiva U Toolkits page find everything from "how to" guides to Kiva U party supplies to help you get going.


Go big

Invite your friends to join through your Kiva Profile, start a Kiva U club at your school, & spread the word in your networks with #KivaU!

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Welcome to Kiva U!

Ready to bring microfinance into the classroom? Now you can find all the information and support you need to teach Kiva across grade levels and subject areas.

When you join Kiva U, you can create a team for your class or club, and tap into lesson plans to engage students in learning while changing lives. Kiva is a great way for young people to take a hands on approach to complex topics such as entrepreneurship, international development, and financial inclusion. 

  [The students] did their very best because it was real life and it mattered to them. Real life learning. Doing work that matters.

— Diana Williams, Primary School Teacher, Surrey BC

It’s easy to get involved. We have two great resources for you to start using Kiva in your classroom: You’ll find free and downloadable PDFs of lesson plans and ideas posted by Kiva and a community of like-minded teachers on BetterLesson.com. The downloadable curriculum is available in an online editable and assignable format on UClass. And we’ve got "how to" guides and other great materials about Kiva, microfinance, and financial inclusion on our Kiva U Toolkits page.

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Happening Now

This April #backadream and Have Your Work Shared by Kiva!!


The Month of Microfinance is upon us! Whatever your age, choose one of the dreams activities on this page and share on Instagram, Twitter or Faceboook using #backadream. Kiva will be sharing some of your awesome work!

Check out MonthofMicrofinance.org and take part this April!

They're a global grassroots movement of students and professionals from around the world who have committed themselves to client-centered microfinance. They have a lot of great activities going on this April and you can take part by sharing what you think 'microfinance can be' (empowering, crucial, confusing, awesome?) with #MOMF15 and #KivaU (so we can check it out too!). 

To Be Part of Kiva U Create or Join a Kiva U Team

The only way to be a part of the Kiva U community, to get emails and updates, and join our unified calls to action is to join a Kiva U team. Kiva U teams are any teams that are registered under the Colleges/Universities, Schools, and Youth team categories. 

Your school, club, or class may already have a team that you can join - do a quick search here. If not, create one by going to the Start a New Team button on the right of this page.

Kiva U teams are made up of passionate students and educators who band together to learn about the world, take action, and maximize their impact. They give you a chance to:

  • Connect with your peers and other lenders on team message boards
  • Join forces with others to get loans funded faster and maximize your impact together
  • Discover more cool info and tools to spread the word and get others to join the cause!
  • Ready to start a Kiva U team?  Check out our Speaker Resource Center

Kiva U team members from around the world came together at the 2013 Kiva U Summit

Kiva makes it easy to lend as little as $25 to help people start and grow businesses,
build homes, go to school, switch to solar energy, and much more.

Our Vision

Kiva U envisions a world where all students and educators are empowered with the tools and opportunities to become informed, inspired, and mobilized global citizens. Through experiential learning, digital collaboration, and the power of human connections, Kiva U provides a platform for young people to take action and change lives via microfinance and financial inclusion.

The result is a program that: A gives students and educators the resources and opportunity to make a real difference in the world, B tackles some of today’s most important social issues through the lens of microlending, and C touches the lives of thousands of people in the process.

Kiva U is a collaboration between Kiva and Citi to engage students and educators on the topic of financial inclusion on campuses, in classrooms, and via social networks.