Kiva is innovating for social good

Kiva is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for social good, and has reached over 1 million people in more than 65 countries through a network of over 150 global partners.

Increasingly, Kiva is working with new types of partners: universities, social enterprises, nonprofits and more. Now we’re taking this one step further by enabling anyone to help borrowers get the capital they need to bring their ideas to life.

With Kiva Zip, individuals like you, or organizations -- like community centers, vocational schools and neighborhood groups -- can vouch for a person to become a borrower and access crowdfunded capital that would otherwise be out of reach. We call these individuals and organizations trustees.

President Bill Clinton introduces Kiva Zip in Little Rock, Arkansas.

How is Kiva Zip different?

Kiva Zip is a pilot program in the U.S. and Kenya where Kiva is testing new ways to crowdfund for social good:

With Kiva Zip you can:

  • Help a borrower receive a 0% interest loan. This differs from typical Kiva loans where partners charge interest to cover their operating costs.
  • Directly communicate with borrowers: Once you’ve made a loan, you can post and receive messages from that borrower as they succeed.
  • Bring new borrowers to Kiva Zip: In addition to lending, you can vouch for someone to be a Kiva Zip borrower by becoming a trustee. You can apply to be a borrower too.

Kiva Zip is an exciting new step, but it comes with some risk -- the repayment rate for Kiva Zip is lower than the nearly 99% for Kiva. In exchange for this increased risk, you have the opportunity to experiment with lending in a new way that could change the world. Learn more »

Josh is expanding his organic farming business thanks to Kiva Zip.

How Does Kiva Zip Work?

  1. Choose a borrower. Your loan will go directly to the person you select.
  2. Follow the impact. Communicate directly with borrowers through Kiva Zip's Conversations feature.
  3. Do it all again. Use your repayments to support more people -- or do even more by becoming a trustee and endorsing someone to becomea borrower.