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Kiva Blog Update,

From Belgium to Philadelphia | Learning about Kiva in the classroom

All around the world, students are using Kiva and its education program, Kiva U, as learning tool to engage with global cultures and invest in others from a young age! In Belgium, the students at the International School of Flounders, Waterloo, are encouraged by their teacher, Nadim Bayeh, to research and fundraise loans. Mr. Bayeh has taught his students to learn in innovative ways and ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

How do you measure a year? In Kiva Love

It’s been an incredible year here at Kiva, thanks to the passion and continued support of lenders like you. The Kiva community backed more than 320,000 borrowers in 83 countries in 2015, and enabled Kiva to add new Field Partners around the world, from Madagascar to Brazil to the Philippines. Check out more Kiva highlights, and beautiful photos, in our 2015 year in review.

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Celebrating 10 Years of Impact

The Kiva staff celebrating a decade of impact outside Kiva's headquarters in San Francisco. In October of 2005, Kiva was founded as a nonprofit and an incredible journey began. Ten years later, Kiva has grown into a global force for good and a place where acts of mutual respect, kindness and faith occur every hour of every day. We’ll be celebrating a decade of impact over the next year and h ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

New York is a City Filled with Dreamers

On December 9, 2015 nearly 1,000 Kiva supporters gathered to celebrate small businesses with the launch of Kiva NYC. The launch event showcased more than 30 local Kiva borrowers and their products, ranging from baked goods to handmade jewelry and prints. At the event, it was announced that Kiva will support the dreams of smalll business owners in the five boroughs of New York City by provid ...

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  1. Kiva Fellows Update

    Kiva Fellow Superpowers

    In the movie Taken Liam Neeson says, “I don’t have money.  But what I do have is a set of very particular skills that makes me a nightmare for someone like you.”  Kiva is about altruism, not vengeance, but our Fellows are just as skilled (in a non-violent way) as any ex-spy.   Many people assume that all foreign travel is basically a beach vacation, and anyone could do it if they just had the…

    Posted by Gordon Thompson

  2. Kiva Fellows Update

    Proudly Present Our Partner: Microcred China

    Microcred China’s main office is in the Nanchong City Hall area. This is the street view in front of the office. Happy Holidays! This is the most grateful season in the year and I would like to share how grateful I am while working with our first Field Partner in China. From a commercial banker’s point of view, I was very impressed by Microcred China because they carry solid banking standards…

    Posted by David Tsai

  3. Kiva Fellows Update

    Kiva Zip Graduation Stories

    Queens Courage on display at the sneak preview of Chris's fancy new distillery. Proof + Gauge at the Astoria Distilling Company will be open to the public in January 2016. When I called former Kiva Zip borrower Chris Murillo earlier this week, he was taking off his construction respirator as he answered the phone. I could hear things being built in the background, the final touches on what he…

    Posted by Lauryn Drainie

  4. Kiva Fellows Update

    Top Five Food Finds of East Africa

    Traveling is a feast for the mind, eyes, soul, and most of all, stomach. This is a post about what has kept my stomach happy in the last 3 months in East Africa; I’d like to share five East African foods that I’ve enjoyed. 1. Let’s start with the ubiquitous staple dish, the star player in almost every local restaurant – a heaping plate of various starches/carbs with a side of one or two pieces…

    Posted by Ran Fan

  5. Kiva Fellows Update

    Kiva Magic

    The conventional definition of "Kiva magic" is when a borrower sees a printout of their Kiva profile and realizes, ecstatically, that they're involved in much more than an ordinary loan: dozens of strangers on the other side of the world have pledged them money on the strength of their photo and bio.  It's wonderful when this happens, and it makes inspiring photos and videos.  Yet in the course…

    Posted by Gordon Thompson

  6. Kiva Fellows Update

    My experience as a Kiva Fellow in Puerto Rico

    Entering my last week as a Kiva Fellow in Puerto Rico, I want to share some insights as to what my experience has been like. What surprised me the most is the number of amazing people I’ve met since I arrived, and the friendships built these past few months. I came here with no expectations, only with the desire to spend my time in a project that would contribute to another person’s dreams. I…

    Posted by Paula Vega

  7. Kiva Fellows Update

    My top 10 favorite Boricuan words

    I’m from Costa Rica, a Spanish-speaking country, so I didn’t expect to have many language barriers during my time in Puerto Rico, but I was wrong. So, for anyone coming to Puerto Rico, this is my top 10 list of favorite Puerto Rican words and their meanings. If you know other words that should be on the list, please leave a comment. A special thanks to the “corillo” of Foundation for Puerto Rico…

    Posted by Paula Vega

  8. Kiva Fellows Update

    I hope you believe in magic

    Lazy Eight Stock Farm in Paint Lick, KY As a newcomer to Kentucky, I’ve tried to head dive into the Louisville world as quickly, and with as much splash, as possible. Being the friendly place it is, Louisville dealt me a good hand right off the bat: two days before I moved here, a family invited me to live with them and, two days after, I ran into a college classmate that had been in my…

    Posted by Katherine Hunt

  9. Kiva Fellows Update

    Kentucky, Minus the Fried Chicken

    Luke, owner of Groce Family Farm In November 2014, Kiva City Louisville launched with an event at Honest Home, borrower Sandra's beautiful sustainable home supplies store, that was attended by Mayor Greg Fischer and other supporters of innovative approaches to economic development. In November 2015, we funded our 50th local loan, bringing the grand total of Kiva’s impact in this community to…

    Posted by Josie Raymond

  10. Kiva Fellows Update

    A Fresh Start: CACMU’s Support for Victims of Domestic Violence

    Nestled in the northern city of Ibarra, a new Kiva partner, CACMU (Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Mujeres Unidas), offers an impressive line of products to the community. The result of 3 organizations coming together 14 years ago, CACMU now offers financial services all over northern Ecuador. I recently joined CACMU in Ibarra, and have witnessed firsthand their dedication to their social…

    Posted by Mark Eisenberg

  11. Kiva Fellows Update

    A glimpse inside Nairobi's informal settlements

    In his first trip to the African continent, Pope Francis began his three-country tour in Nairobi, Kenya, which drew hundreds of thousands of adherents to the country’s capital. In his brief three-day stay in the country, Francis focused on the most marginalized in society, culminating in a trip to Kangemi, one of the 11 slums found throughout Nairobi.   A market place in the informal settlement…

    Posted by Alfred Jasins

  12. Kiva Fellows Update

    Andean Mountain High: a day in Chimbo

    San José de Chimbo, my Ecuador Mountain Home The sun comes on strong.  At 6:30, when my alarm sounds, it's still pale and grey outside, but by 7:30, when I get out of the shower, I have to draw the drapes lest my little third-floor hotel room overheat.  The heavy yellow fabric turns the room golden while I dress.  Dance music fills the building as the receptionist begins cleaning.  I leave my…

    Posted by Gordon Thompson

  13. Kiva Fellows Update

    Financing Nicaragua's Future: MiCredito's Audacious Goal of Making Higher Education Accessible to the Masses

    It's a decidedly scorching afternoon in the small pastoral community of Puerto Momotombo, located approximately an hour outside of Leon, Nicaragua's university capital. As part of my Kiva fellowship, I've been traversing the country visiting borrowers and observing firsthand the impact their Kiva loan has had on their lives and livelihoods. In Momotombo I'm meeting with Ana Belkys, one of…

    Posted by Julian Fellerman

  14. Kiva Fellows Update

    Portuguese 101: The Best Literally Translated Brazilian-Portuguese Words

    With over 2 years living in Brazil and speaking Brazilian Portuguese, I’ve reached the point of conversing where I have stopped literally translating in my head when I speak. I even find my instinctual reaction to come out in Portuguese. Nossa! Opa! At times, however, I have to chuckle realizing the literal translation of some Brazilian terms. I’ve compiled a list of common Brazilian words and…

    Posted by Julian Guelig

  15. Kiva Fellows Update

    A more peaceful society? How your Kiva loan might help.

    It’s been a week when reports of shocking terrorist atrocities (Paris, Beirut, Nigeria – and, as I write, Mali) have been dominating our news bulletins and social media feeds. And it’s been followed, of course, with the usual analysis around how best to tackle the issue: border closures, refugee expulsions, states of emergency and air strikes seem depressingly to the fore.   But in this fevered…

    Posted by Alan Mathers

  16. Kiva Fellows Update

    If You Really Want to Make a Friend, Go to Someone’s House and Eat With Him

    In a city like San Francisco where there is a restaurant for every 376 people, it’s almost impossible to have a bad meal. From the flurry of new arrivals on the restaurant scene to the dizzying array of Michelin starred eateries like French Laundry, it’s easy to forget about our local entrepreneurs who are financially excluded from accessing the resources they need to launch and grow their…

    Posted by Emelyn Chew

  17. Kiva Fellows Update

    A Ride with Robin Hood: portrait of a loan officer

                Ebert is waiting for me at 7 am as promised, crouched by his motorbike, his hoodie cinched, looking like a benevolent bandit.  He hands me a helmet, I mount the bike behind him, and we're off to visit Avelino Perez, coffee farmer, way outside Pucará, Peru, as part of my borrower verification.  We stop once for gas and again when the bike stalls three times and won't start. …

    Posted by Gordon Thompson

  18. Kiva Fellows Update

    Making a difference, one toilet at a time

    It’s rainy season here in Nairobi, and the dirt roads of Mukuru - one of the largest informal settlements in the city - have turned into thick muddy footpaths and fast flowing streams. The watery scene is a stark reminder of the near total lack of drainage systems and sanitation services, as all forms of waste are distributed in the swampy conditions. According to the UN, nearly 56% of all city…

    Posted by Alfred Jasins

  19. Kiva Fellows Update

    Impact Water – Drops of Hope

    There’s nothing more essential to life than water. It composes over half of our human body and it is a vital nutrient to the life of every cell. However, what happens when this critical “ingredient” to survival is not clean? Unsafe drinking water can transmit harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites, all contributing to waterborne illness and disease. Clean drinking water is not something I gave…

    Posted by Ran Fan

  20. Kiva Fellows Update

    Kiva Loves from Taiwan & more

    Taipei 101 Tower is a landmark of Taiwan Since mid-September, I have been in Taiwan for my 1st field placement prospecting potential partners in this lovely island.  People might associate Taiwan with High-tech companies and irresistible foods; however, I found out that caring & sharing are special elements rooted in Taiwanese’s hearts. In traditional Taiwanese greeting, people usually ask…

    Posted by David Tsai