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Kiva Trustees are organizations that publicly vouch for small business owners to borrow money on the Kiva website. We have found that Kiva loans with Trustees fundraise more successfully, and have higher repayment rates, so the Kiva loan review team prioritizes loans endorsed by Trustees.

Since 2011, over 800 Trustees have endorsed a U.S. small business owner on the Kiva platform, connecting them to thousands of Kiva lenders, and millions of dollars of 0% interest capital.

There are several benefits to becoming a Kiva Trustee:

  1. Empower entrepreneurs in your community to access 0% interest capital on Kiva.
  2. Raise the profile of your organization among Kiva's global community of 1.5 million lenders.
  3. Engage your existing community in coming together to lend to borrowers you endorse on Kiva.
  4. Showcase your impact to potential funders and supporters -- in terms of loans endorsed and dollars raised.

Trustees have no financial involvement in the loans they endorse, and they have no financial liability in the unfortunate case that a loan defaults.

It's very quick and easy to complete a Trustee application, and set yourself up to endorse a small business owner for a Kiva loan.

If you work with entrepreneurs who could benefit from a Kiva loan and want to leverage our platform to serve them, please consider applying to be a Trustee. Only organizations can apply. If you are a Kiva borrower, you can become a trustee once you have repaid at least six months of your own loan, and if you are on-time on your loan.

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