Oakland, CA


Why are you interested in becoming a Trustee?
Prospera is interested in becoming a Kiva Zip Trustee to continue support low-income immigrant Latinas to create worker-owned cooperative businesses in the Bay Area. We believe that when women have ownership of their work and life entire communities thrive. Prospera united with Kiva is stronger to face the lack of affordable funding and give more opportunities for Latina entrepreneurs.
What is the mission of your organization?
Prospera is a cooperative business incubator offering leadership and entrepreneurship programs that respond to the unique challenges and the immense resourcefulness that Latina immigrant women bring. We use a popular education approach because we believe Latina women own powerful experiences that make them strong entrepreneurs and natural promoters of social change. Prospera partners with Latina entrepreneurs to launch social enterprises that foster cooperation, economic independence, and well-being in immigrant communities. Our programs are designed for Latina entrepreneurs to come together in a safe space to take risks and access the tools and the capital they need to achieve economic independence and well-being. Through our culturally specific programs and extensive network of partners, Latina entrepreneurs access the networks, the tools and the financial resources they need to launch, grow, and become successful owners of cooperative enterprises. Prospera is the only nonprofit in the U.S. that focuses solely on advancing Latina economic empowerment through cooperative business ownership.

Borrower Due Diligence

How will you decide who to endorse as a borrower? What due diligence will you conduct?
Prospera will only endorse women who have completed our course called Explora tu Cooperativa. Graduates from this program are prepared to apply to our business incubation program or to join an existing cooperative as a worker owner, and also they are enrolled in our advanced program Crece. Further, in order to be endorsed by Prospera, their application must be reviewed and approved by one of our business consultants and will need to demonstrate application of cooperative principles.


Location: Oakland,
Total loans: $28,000
Paying on time: Not enough data
Paying back late: Not enough data

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