Trustee: Blueberry Marketing

Richmond, VA


Why are you interested in becoming a Trustee?
I work with creative businesses and food entrepreneurs and Kiva Zip is a great opportunity to grow and create new business in Richmond, Virginia. Funding sources for food businesses are scarce and this is an opportunity to grow the food community.
What is the mission of your organization?
I am a speaker and coach working with small businesses and the mission is to help them grow through classes and individual consulting.

Borrower Due Diligence

How will you decide who to endorse as a borrower? What due diligence will you conduct?
I work directly with many small businesses on their marketing and business plans. I have years of experience working with businesses on their funding options and helping them make good decisions. I would want to talk to them about their credit and existing loans and debt to determine if this would be a good fit.

About Blueberry Marketing

Trustee type: Speaker And Coach To Small Businesses And Startups
Tier: Paused
Location: Richmond, VA
Time on Kiva: July 28, 2013 (43 months)
Total loans: $8,000


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