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350 lending teams in all categories
  • SWPB

    8 members have lent $5,250 in 202 loans
    Category: Businesses Team since: Jan, 2011
    We loan because: we've been given certain advantages that allowed us to pursue our dreams, and feel that everyone deserves a chance at success.
  • Andy and Siyana Wedding Registry

    Andy and Siyana Wedding Registry

    11 members have lent $5,150 in 152 loans
    New York Category: Friends Team since: Aug, 2014
    We loan because: We have been blessed with more than we need, and would be thrilled to receive gifts that keep on giving.
  • Wendy and Lawrence's Wedding

    Wendy and Lawrence's Wedding

    2 members have lent $5,150 in 150 loans
    Canada Category: Events Team since: Aug, 2013
    We loan because: Instead of giving traditional favors at our wedding, we decided to make donations to charities which we believe in on behalf of our guests. We are grateful for what we have, and would like to use this opportunity to…
  • Peter & Betsy's Wedding

    Peter & Betsy's Wedding

    9 members have lent $4,575 in 179 loans
    Yarmouth, Maine Category: Events Team since: Jan, 2012
    We loan because: As we begin our life together, we hope our friends and family will join our Kiva Team.
  • The McLennans!

    The McLennans!

    1 members have lent $4,225 in 157 loans
    San Francisco, CA Category: Families Team since: Sep, 2008
    We loan because: We want to spread the joy and generosity we received at our wedding, and pay forward our good fortune.
  • Lindsay & Brian's Wedding

    Lindsay & Brian's Wedding

    9 members have lent $4,125 in 165 loans
    Mendocino, California Category: Other Team since: Jul, 2010
    We loan because: We want to celebrate our marriage by spreading the love! We have been fortunate to travel to many amazing places and know how far a small amount of money can go when delivered to the right hands...