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543 lending teams in the "Memorials" category
  • Kenny B. – That’s how he/we roll!

    Kenny B. – That’s how he/we roll!

    12 members have lent $24,300 in 515 loans
    We Are Everywhere Category: Memorials Team since: Jun, 2009
    We loan because: We’d like to honor the memory of Kenny B, who was a lover of life, travel and all things auto. Kenny explored, without prejudice or judgment, the inner workings and outer boundaries of experience. This cause is in his…
  • Jean Audrey Taylor Salisbury Jensen

    1 members have lent $22,625 in 904 loans
    Bountiful & Centerville, Utah Category: Memorials Team since: Dec, 2014
    We loan because: Jean was an extraordinary teacher and person. Her selfless example inspires people to help others reach their potential.
  • The Neil Desai Foundation

    The Neil Desai Foundation

    9 members have lent $22,350 in 850 loans
    UK Category: Memorials Team since: Sep, 2009
    We loan because: In memory of Neil Desai who tragically passed away from an undiagnosed heart condition on his 22nd birthday in 2008.

    In 2006 before attending university Neil travelled the world. He played squash and…
  • Ryan Muller Memorial Team

    Ryan Muller Memorial Team

    15 members have lent $21,725 in 683 loans
    Leesburg Virginia Category: Memorials Team since: Mar, 2014
    We loan because: Ryan Muller was the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. He believed that we could change the world through action; that each individual, with passion and determination could make a difference. Ryan lived these…
  • Federico Cosolo

    Federico Cosolo

    27 members have lent $21,375 in 842 loans
    Category: Memorials Team since: Feb, 2011
    We loan because: Federico believed that together we could build a better world. Kiva gives us a chance to honor his memory and continue to work towards his vision...
  • In Memory of Chris Nutile

    In Memory of Chris Nutile

    49 members have lent $19,075 in 647 loans
    Category: Memorials Team since: Jan, 2011
    We loan because: We want to continue the passion that Chris had about his favorite Charity.
  • Glenn J Morris' Merciful Ninjas

    Glenn J Morris' Merciful Ninjas

    15 members have lent $17,875 in 700 loans
    Category: Memorials Team since: Apr, 2009
    We loan because: We believe empathy and compassion are the most rewarding part of being human.
  • "Poppa John" Warr Peaceman Project

    "Poppa John" Warr Peaceman Project

    23 members have lent $15,875 in 623 loans
    Belleville, Ontario Category: Memorials Team since: Jan, 2011
    We loan because: we wish to fulfill John's dream of a greener planet where peace and freedom are rights and not options.
  • Team OPS

    Team OPS

    38 members have lent $14,850 in 549 loans
    World Wide Category: Memorials Team since: Nov, 2008
    We loan because: Change in the world can only happen one step at a time. We all can make that difference.