• Dianne C
    A loan of $2,500 helps Dianne C me update a scalable more interactive website, obtain a mailing a...

  • John
    A loan of $7,000 helps John fund the purchase of a mini track loader to reduce manual labor while...

  • Scott
    A loan of $5,000 helps Scott acquire the reserved capital to maintain payroll for commercial proj...

  • Heather
    A loan of $5,000 helps Heather purchase furniture and decor such as artwork and accessories for m...

  • Verna
    A loan of $5,000 helps Verna purchase custom printed paper service products to use for customers'...

Lend in Pittsburgh

By lending to local small businesses you take an active role in choosing the shape of Pittsburgh’s future.  Small business create 2 out of 3 new jobs in the U.S. and keep more of their dollars in their own communities.  Discover new Pittsburgh small businesses on Kiva and become a customer and business advisor to the borrowers you fund with 0% interest loans.  
When small businesses do well, we all do well.

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About Kiva Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh along with cities like Columbus, Louisville, Milwaukee, New York City, Philadelphia, Richmond, Va. and San Francisco are part of the broader Kiva City program helping small business owners get the financing they need to grow and create jobs.  Each Kiva City is made possible by a unique partnership of community groups, local government, foundations, and Kiva Trustees working together to connect Kiva lenders to entrepreneurs in their communities.  
Kiva Pittsburgh is led by Urban Innovation21, a nonprofit organization that supports the growth of entrepreneurship within the innovation economy of the Pittsburgh region and connects that growth to underserved communities and the residents that live in those communities. Urban Innovation21 believes that an inclusive innovation economy is key to increasing regional competitiveness and sustainability.  Kiva Pittsburgh has received support from local foundations and includes over 50 Kiva Trustees who have each endorsed at least one business owner.  


PNC Foundation and the PNC Charitable Trusts:

Funding was provided by PNC Foundation and the PNC Charitable Trusts. The PNC Foundation, which receives its principal funding from The PNC Financial Services Group (www.pnc.com), actively supports organizations that provide services for the benefit of communities in which it has a significant presence. The foundation focuses its philanthropic mission on early childhood education and community and economics I development, which includes the arts and culture. PNC Charitable Trusts awards grants to worthy nonprofit organizations from charitable trusts for which PNC has fiduciary and grant making responsibility.

Richard King Mellon Foundation

The Richard King Mellon Foundation supported the launch of Kiva CIty Pittsburgh.  For more information, please visit the foundation site>

Henry L. Hillman Foundation Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund of the Henry L. Hillman Foundation invests in promising early-stage non-profit initiatives that address critical community needs and create opportunities through leveraging the unique strengths of the Pittsburgh region. The Opportunity Fund supports proposals that have the potential for broad regional impact, foster collaboration among multiple community partners, use proven best practices or create new standards, and accelerate innovation. Fund priority is given to projects that seek to confront complex regional issues and use creative, and perhaps unexpected, problem-solving strategies. 

The Evan and Tracy Segal Family Foundation

The Evan and Tracy Segal Family Foundation supports numerous civic and community organizations based on their belief in the importance of giving back in the spirit of tikkun olam (humanity's shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world).  The Foundation makes charitable donations to selected non-profit organizations in the following categories: Social Justice, Global Relief, Medical Research, Animal Welfare, Veterans, the Environment, Economic Development, and Social Entrepreneurship.  

Kiva Trustees

Kiva Trustees are technical assistance providers, community organizations, and individuals committed to supporting social good and job growth through entrepreneurship. With their help, small business owners can access 0% interest crowdfunded loans through Kiva. In Pittsburgh, our trustees include (sorted by descending endorsements):

52nd Street Market (2 loans endorsed)
Aaron S. Aldrich (2)
Allegheny County Economic Development (1)
Allegheny River Towns Enterprise Zone (1)
Art Resource Teaching Society Inc. (2)
Barry E. Johnston (1)
Bloomfield Garfield Corporation (1)
BullDawgs Pgh (2)
Catapult (8)
Christian Evangelistic Economic Development (13)
Dianne Miller (1)
Divine Intervention Ministries (1)
DJ Smulick (1)
Economic Development South (1)
F. Dok Harris (1)
Growth Through Energy Community Health (GTECH) Strategies (1)
Hazelwood Initiative (1)
Hill CDC (1)
Idea Foundary (1)
Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence (3)
Joyce Opfermann (1)
Kit Needham (1)
Lawrenceville Corporation (2)
Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches (1)
Lydiah's Coffee House (1)
Maria Graziani (1)
McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation (1)
Mount Washington Community Development Corporation (1)
Nina Barbuto (1)
Olive & Marlowe (1)
Operation Better Block (4)
Patrick Miller (1)
Pittsburgh East Rotary Club (1)
Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (1)
Pittsburgh Public Market (11)
Regina Johnson (1)
Rose Glinski (1)
Schifino Design (1)
Shadyside Nursery (2)
Style & Steel (1)
Sustainable Connellsville (1)
Tara Rockacy (2)
The Beauty Shoppe (2)
The Motherhood Inc (1)
Thrill Mill, Inc. (1)
Tonya Edmonds (1)
Urban Innovation21 (13)
Vernard Alexander Enterprises (14)
Wildcard (1)
Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation (2)
Work Hard Pittsburgh (2)


To learn more about Kiva City Pittsburgh, or explore becoming a borrower or trustee, please contact Emily Keebler (Kiva City Pittsburgh Lead) at emily.keebler@fellows.kiva.org